Cooperative Learning

Tech & Teaching Tuesday

Elements of Cooperative Learning include:

  • Positive Interdependence - Sink or Swim Together
  • Individual Accountability - Students learn together, but perform alone
  • Face to Face Interaction - Promotive interaction where members are committed to each other as well as to their mutual goals
  • Interpersonal and Small Group Social Skills - Taskwork and Teamwork
  • Group Processing - Reflection on the Taskwork and Teamwork of the group


Edmodo - Group Discussion

Google Forms - Accountability

Cooperative Activities

Google Docs

Thanksgiving in Other Countries Activity

Using the Google Docs link below research Thanksgiving
celebrations in other countries. Be sure to include date, celebration title, traditions etc.

Google Sheets

Planning Thanksgiving

Using Google Sheets plan a Thanksgiving dinner for 20 people. Be sure to include the basics such as main course, desserts, sides, drinks, paper goods, decorations, condiments etc.

PLC 1, PLC 2, PLC 3, PLC 4, PLC 6, PLC 7, PLC 8

Google Slides

Thanksgiving Favorite Foods

Using Google Slides you will research a recipe and a visual of your favorite food. Create a slide that includes your information.

PLC 1, PLC 2, PLC 3, PLC 4, PLC 6, PLC 7, PLC 8

Exit Discussion Questions

Press the button below to view the Google Slideshow with the images from our exit ticket activity.

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