The Awesome Reading Class

The book that i'm reading is called i am number four it is about nine aliens and they have powers that let the kill other people.The cops and everyone else thinks they are the bad people but there really not they are trying to save the others and keep them from the mongadorians.

The mogodorians are the people that are trying to kill the aliens and the aliens end up getting away.I think that you should read this book because it is really good and i think that you would like it.I don't think that you would just like it because i like it but i think you would like it because it is really good.

The pictures above will show you the charecters and the posters of the book.

This video shows kind of how the book goes.It kind of gives you a sneek peak before you read the book.

The video of the power of six above shows kind of how this book goes.The power of six is kind o flike i am number six but it has a different person

The video above shows how what happens when they are all on set and getting the movie all together and it is really good.

if i had a teacher explain to me what the book was about i would want her to tell me what charecters are in the book.I would also want her to tell me what is going on in it.

If i had to recomend a book for you it would be i am number four because of how good it is and all the details in it are really good.

This video shows when they are at the school and the mogodorians start to attack and the kids get away safetly.

This video shows them running out of the building and th ebig monster chaising after them.

This video shows kind of how they left ohio because the mogodorians found them.

This is a song from the movie i am number four.

This is another video from the movie and it is really good.

The button above is ti take you to a website for games movies and the book of i am number four.

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