Guinea Pigs

By adk

Facts About Guinea Pigs

  • Guinea pigs may live as long as five to seven years.
  • Guinea pigs are social creatures who need daily quality time and interaction with their human family.
  • Guinea pigs love being petted and will fall asleep in your lap if they trust you.
  • Guinea pigs can develop social relationships with people or other species of animals.
  • A guinea pig's ears are very sensitive to loud noises.
  • If your guinea pig assumes a stretched-out posture, this means that she is in a relaxed mode.
  • A happy guinea pig may jump straight up and down; this is called "popcorning" in juvenile guinea pigs.
  • Guinea pigs are unable to manufacture Vitamin C within their bodies; therefore, this vitamin must be supplemented.
  • A guinea pig's teeth constantly grow, so she needs an appropriate chew toy to keep teeth properly worn down.

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