Restaurant General Manager in Seattle

Entrepreneur of the Year award winner Mia Gribble serves as a general manager for Restaurants Unlimited in Edmonds, Washington. Joining the company in 2008, she is currently tasked with staff recruitment, sales production, and daily operational responsibilities to ensure the company’s many restaurants maintain profitability. Mia Gribble currently leads as general manager of Henry’s First Ave Tavern, a Restaurants Unlimited venture located within walking distance to Safeco Field. In this position, she oversees an establishment featuring more than 100 beers on tap and casual yet upscale fare.

Prior to her role with Henry’s First Ave Tavern, Ms. Gribble guided another Restaurants unlimited venture, Scott’s Bar and Grill. Overseeing $4.2 million in annual sales revenue, Ms. Gribble directed a team of 55 employees, managed inventory, and handled the establishment’s budget. She also collaborated with liquor vendors and developed signature cocktails that proved integral to boosting the restaurant’s bottom line. Under the leadership of Ms. Gribble, Scott’s Bar and Grill increased sales by 1.3 percent and reduced prime costs by 2.2 percent.