The Alma Mater and Fight Song

Both the Alma Mater and Fight Song are important for students to know. These songs are played and sung at Miami athletic contests and other University events. The fight song is so important that it's even demonstrated at orientation!

Don't Step on the Seal!!

The University Seal is embedded into the sidewalk in the center of campus (also called the Hub). Miami tradition is to avoid stepping on the seal, out of respect for Miami history and values. Legend is, if you step on the seal, you’ll fail your next exam!

Rubbing the Turtles Heads

Just behind Warfield and MacMillan Halls you’ll find the Tri Delt Sundial, a gift to the University from Delta Delta Delta sorority. It’s said that rubbing the heads of the turtles on the sundial is good luck (which may come in handy if you stepped on the seal!)

Kissing Your Sweetheart Under the Upham Arch

Just a few steps from the Hub is the famed Upham Arch. If you kiss your sweetheart at midnight under the Arch’s lantern, you’ll be destined to marry. Tons of proposals, and renewals of wedding vows take place here every year.

Miami Mergers

When two Miami students marry, they’re called a Miami Merger. Here at Miami we have a merger rate of 14%, which is unusually high compared to the national average of about 2-3%. In recognition of this, the Alumni Office sends out thousands of Valentines each year to Miami Merger couples.