Themed Parties!!!

Second semester is finally here and you know what that means... socials and parties, especially themed ones! Here is a small glimpse at some of the best themes that you newly initiated sorority girls have to look forward to!

1) Proud to be an American

Get out your best red, white, and blue apparel and show our founding fathers how proud you are to be an American!

2) Beach Party

As you spend your days in class dreaming about your spring break trip, the second best thing is a beach themed party. Grab your main beaches and your snorkel gear and head on over to the sand covered frat house!

3) TOGA!!!

Nothing says college more like the classic toga party. Grab a sheet and embrace your inner greek goddess.

4) Rock n' Roll

This is a party when you can finally wear your leather leggings, old band tees, and red lipstick all together to make a totally rockin' outfit. Plus it is completely acceptable (if not encouraged) to take a bunch of "selfies" with your tongue out!

5) Green Beer Day (St. Patty's Day)

Don't bother showing up to a party on this day in anything but all green everything! Even if you aren't Irish, you are on this day!

6) Jungle

This party is perfect for all of you cheetah and zebra print lovers! Throw on your war paint and blast Katy Perry's hit song- ROAR!

Get your costumes ready and prepare for a great semester!

Do you have any fun theme ideas? Leave your thoughts here!