M-Learning Apps


Here are a few of the apps that I would find useful in the ever changing classroom environment in which teachers are having to adapt to m-learning.

TED: This is an app, which connects students to an archive of useful videos of different subjects. This gives students the ability to look up and learn concepts on their own time or more importantly to review them when they are at home. This would be a powerful app to use especially outside the classroom when the teacher isn't available and the student can get a refresher course by means of the videos on this app.

Google docs: This is an open word processing software much like Microsoft Word, however it gives the unique ability to collaborate online. In a classroom this can easily be used to help students during class to work together on something and allow for brainstorming all at the same time. With using the document you open up a forum that allows students who would not participate in a class discussion to make their opinions known.

Today in History: This is a fun app for Social studies teachers that can allow for a discussion on a variety of historical topics. The app relates famous events that happened on the present day. This could help greatly improve students relation to the past and understanding of important historical events.

Google Earth: is a satellite based imagery software that allows you to explore the world from your computer. In social studies and in history, geography plays a vital role and is crucial to a proper understanding. Google earth can provide a way for students to explore various site as more than just a dot on the map but an actual physical place.

Story Maker: This is an app that is a journalist app. It allows students to make news articles with their smart phones. This could be used in a social studies class where it is important for children to have an understanding of journalism and current events and the importance of objective portrayal in the news.

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