Micah Neff-McGready

Day 1

Today we started with "Icebreakers". I did not really like them much, but what we did next was cool. We made houses out of legos and or clay. I made a mini version of The Washington Monument. It turned out, well, see for yourself. The hardest part was making the structure with clay that falls apart. I liked making the flags, but I did not like making the structure of the monument.

Day 2

Today we used tinkercad to 3d print chess pieces. Mine was a king! I messed around with it a lot. The hardest part was making the changes work on the piece. My favorite part was when I was finished because it was very hard. My least favorite part was making all the slight adjustments. I also made a keychain with my name on it. The last thing I did was take a screenshot.

Day 3

Day 4

Today was a great day. We started with a lesson. Next we made structures with tinkercad. I worked with Jean. We made the Pantheon (pandemonium). We made it turn out well. I had fun. My favorite part was making the pillars.

Today I put the starting and finishing touches on my structure. I used 4 pyramids, 4 spheres, 5 boxes, and a cone. Next, I Got into a group and made an IZZO LAND. I was charge of the sign. It was pretty cool.

Day 6

Today we made clay structures out of our partner's idea. Next we made new structure/ objects out of tinkercad based on our independent projects. I made a Merlin excalibur. I also made a book of spells and a shield. Izzo gave a talk on drawing people to give us all more experience. I had a cool day.

Day 7

  • Today we worked on independent projects for the whole time. I finished everything today. I made a sword, a book, and a shield. I already uploaded it for 3d printing but I faced challenges with the stone's shape. Then I made the stone much better. My favorite part was making the stone.

Day 8

Today I finished my 3d printing of my Merlin series and started making towers on tinkercad. I chose towers because they are not hard to make and are fun to make. My favorite part of it was the whole thing. It was fun. Lastly, I uploaded tackk and finished up today.

Day 9

Today we started out making things for or of Izzo. Next we Made a superhero. Mine was Stephen Colbert's head on a crazy looking body in a weird car. Lastly I played minecraft with everyone. It was fun.