Michael Milnes to Expand Physical Therapy Practice in Rochester, MN

Michael Milnes, the successful physical therapist from Rochester, MN has announced plans to further expand his quickly growing physical therapy practice to a second location. After renovating his first location and adding staff to the previously solo operation, Michael Milnes now plans to continue the expansion to an additional office location across town near the University of Minnesota Rochester campus.

Not only will the expansion include additional space so he and his growing team are able to see more patients, he also plans on opening up spots for students at the University to intern so they are able to get on the job experience and training while earning their degree.

“I am so happy to announce the internship opportunities and couldn’t be more excited to help students at my alma mater. Getting to work with young adults, just starting out in the field has been a dream of mine for a long time. I hope I can inspire more young people to become as passionate about helping others as I am.” Mr. Milnes said.

Michael Milnes attended the University of Minnesota at St. Paul for both his undergraduate and doctoral degrees. Soon after graduation, he moved to Rochester and started his practice out of his home. Almost two decades later, he cannot believe how much it has grown and he now hopes to inspire a new generation of physical therapist to help people in need.

The new office space will feature 10 private therapy rooms with state of the art technology to help patients get better and teach students. As well as a large gym/workout area, offices for consolations and small meetings, a kitchen/breakroom for employees, and a conference room so employees and interns. Milnes hopes the new space will be a place for those passionate about physical therapy to gather and talk about new techniques to help patients.

As with his pervious expansions, Michael Milnes will be very selective of the employees and interns for the new office. He looks for therapists and students that share the same vision as he does and want to be part of his growing business. It is important to him to find dedicated individuals that want to help the community.

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