Michael W. LeRoy Partnering with the Gleason Initiative

Michael W. LeRoy was deeply impacted by the loss of a close family member. The family member has ALS, a disease that has little awareness in the world today. It was that loss that fueled LeRoy’s desire to help support those who are struggling ALS. Eventually, Michael W. LeRoy came into contact with the Gleason Initiative.

The Gleason Initiative is a non-profit organization working around the clock to raise awareness of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, also known as ALS. The Gleason Initiative was founded by Steve Gleason, a former professional NFL player who starred on the New Orleans Saints’ special teams. During his time in the National Football League, Steve Gleason was known for his philanthropic work. While playing in the widely known American sport, Gleason founded a different organization, the One Sweet World Foundation. Gleason is a man who is making a difference in the world.

Three years after retiring from the NFL, Steve Gleason was diagnosed with ALS. The disease does not have the funding it needs to have great research done on it because of its lack of awareness in the world today. However, the Gleason Initiative looks to reverse that. With awareness comes funds, and funds help provide the technology, equipment, and services that ALS patients need to aid their daily lives.

It is because of people like Michael W. LeRoy that the Gleason Initiative is able to help those with ALS, like its founder, Steve Gleason. Being a man with a heart of gold, LeRoy only wants to help those affected by the disease. Michael W. LeRoy is a major contributor to the organization and encourages all to look into the Gleason Initiative and become a partner.

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