Michael D. Schneickert

Managing Director with UBS Financial Services

About Michael D. Schneickert

Throughout his career as a financial executive, Michael D. Schneickert has established himself as a dedicated and highly capable leader. He currently works as a managing director with UBS Financial Services in Los Angeles, California, where he oversees activities such as investment advisory and private wealth management. Michael D. Schneickert has experienced a great measure of success during his time with UBS Financial Services, ranking in the top 50 in California and the top 250 in the United States for the wealth management sector.

Before starting his career in finance, Michael D. Schneickert received a bachelor of science in accounting from Santa Clara University. After two years with Price Waterhouse & Co. and several years as a pilot in the United States Navy, he returned to school to pursue a master of business administration from the Harvard University Graduate School of Business.

Aside from his formal professional work, Michael D. Schneickert supports the efforts of a wide range of nonprofit organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, the Armory Center for the Arts, the Japanese American National Museum, and the Braille Institute. He also serves as a member of the board of directors and chair of the finance committee of the Pasadena Community Foundation.

Pasadena Community Foundation Enables Hassle-Free Charitable Giving

A Los Angeles private wealth management executive and former military pilot, Michael D. Schneickert currently works as a managing director at UBS Financial Services. Michael D. Schneickert frequently hosts charitable events at his historic home and chairs the finance committee of the Pasadena Community Foundation.

An administrator for charitable giving, the Pasadena Community Foundation provides management, recordkeeping, and support services for donors wishing to give money to benefit the community. The organization works with a wide variety of donors including corporations, individuals, families, and groups of friends. Its services reduce the administrative burden imposed on donors and facilitate hassle-free giving.

The Pasadena Community Foundation’s charitable funds hold a variety of assets to enable donors to contribute in whichever way suits their estate, tax, and retirement plans. The foundation accepts bonds, stock, real estate, and other semi-liquid assets in addition to cash, and provides for timed donations to maximize tax benefits.

For those who plan to give money in their estates, the Foundation operates the Legacy Society. Similar to its other fund types, money given via the Legacy Society may provide targeted support for a designated cause or organization, or come with a broader mandate to benefit the community.

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