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The Life of Michael J. Fox


Why i made this website about michael j. fox and not someone else

              I am a Middle School student at Holman and Michael really inspired me to do this website because I think it is cool that he overcame his disease and moved on with his acting career acting like nothing happened.

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"Our Newest FootBall Star"

Someone posted a picture of this on a website and I thought that would be a reat picture to show how he overcame his disease

Desdriptive ParaGraph

            Michael J. Fox was born with the name Michael Andrew Fox, so why did he change it you ask well he changed it because he purely did not like the way it sounded. In his home town he had a theater named after him. He has Parkison’s disease. Parkison’s disease is a disease of the nervous system that mostly middle-aged and elderly people. When he found out that he had Parkison’s disease he started drinking. After his closest of friends and family lectured him about the importance of not getting drink he soon realized that drinking was not the right thing to do. He stopped drinking and went to consoling. Michael and some of his colleagues created a foundation called “The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkison’s Research.” This foundation’s main point is to raise money for finding the cure for parkison’s and to make people aware of the disease.


Sequence/Order paragraph

         Michael was born in Edmonton, Canada and was raised in Burnaby, British Columbia he moved because his dad was is the Canadian Armed Forces. When he ended his acting career with Spin City many people were sad because he was a very talented actor. He decided later in his life to resume his career with Family Ties and The Good Wife. When he married Tracy Pollan they acted together in Family Ties. They had four kids one boy and three girl’s Tracy and Michael were very happy with their kids and their kids were happy to have parents like them.


Cause and effect Paragraph

Michael attended Burnaby Central Secondary School in Burnaby, British Columbia and when he was there he wanted to be a hockey player like most Canadian kids his age. But when he went to high school and stared in his first role it sparked his love for acting. Michael dropped out of high school to go to California and start his acting career. When Michael got older he had a theater named after him called. The “Michael J. Fox Theatre” at Burnaby South Secondary.


Michael J. Fox Last House After they were moving because of his dad in the Canadian Armed Forces.



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