Michael Muench

Plant Manager in New York

                                                                 About Michael J Muench

Michael Muench possesses diverse management experience in the fields of engineering and manufacturing. He started his career at Buffalo Forge Company as a manufacturing engineer and quickly rose to leadership positions including plant superintendent and plant manager. His early career history includes serving as manufacturing manager at Gibraltar Steel and plant manager at Deck Bros, Inc. More recently, Michael Muench served for over five years as senior process engineer with General Motors Corp. in Tonawanda, New York. In 2006, he assumed his most recent position as plant manager at Wendt Corporation in Buffalo, New York. In that position, he oversaw all manufacturing operations and ensured employee safety and proper facility maintenance.

Michael Muench holds an associate degree in mechanical engineering from Erie Community College and a bachelor of science in management finance from the State University of New York at Buffalo. Outside of work, he enjoys staying active through gardening, hunting, and fishing.

NTMA Offers Educational Programs to Members

Michael Muench has several decades of experience in managing manufacturing operations. In addition, Michael Muench has been a member of the National Tooling & Machining Association (NTMA). Through NTMA, manufacturing professionals gain access to valuable educational content to advance their careers.

Each year, NTMA brings together members to participate in competitions, conferences, and roundtables. In addition, the organization hosts webinars on relevant industry topics. NTMA has also developed a portfolio of training programs to help develop essential skills that may not be available via formal schooling. One program, NTMA Education, provides opportunities for members to gain college credit by completing online courses offered by collaborating higher education institutions. Some NTMA chapters run their own training programs to help students gain skills needed for manufacturing careers.

With these activities, NTMA fosters the professional growth of its more than 2,000 members and advances the future of the manufacturing industry. NTMA is working hard to ensure that the United States maintains its status as the one of the world’s biggest manufacturing economies.

Mozart’s Early Training Established Foundation for Future Success

Manufacturing professional Michael Muench enjoys numerous leisure activities, including listening to music. Michael Muench cites Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart as his favorite composer. Mozart was a prolific composer whose work had a major impact on the future of music.

When his older sister began studying keyboard, three-year old Mozart looked on. He demonstrated his musical aptitude very quickly and soon received instruction from his father, an accomplished musician. Mozart completed his first composition for violin and clarinet at age five. During his youth, Mozart’s father took the young virtuoso and his sister on several tours to visit courts throughout Europe. As a teenager, Mozart received several commissions as well as his first appointment as an assistant concertmaster.

Building on these early foundations, Mozart grew to become one of the most famous composers of his era. In total, he composed more than 600 works, including symphonies and operas. He has achieved an enduring legacy as one of the most popular and influential of the classical composers.

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