Michael Mouyal

Business Leadership in Canada and the United States

About Michael Mouyal

A veteran advertising and marketing executive, Michael Mouyal has more than three decades of experience leading businesses in the United States and Canada. Currently, he serves as an independent business consultant working with a range of marketing companies. In his consulting work, Michael Mouyal helps his clients develop monetization and capitalization strategies.

Prior to launching his independent consulting firm in 2004, Michael Mouyal held a number of key positions with well-known companies, including leadership roles with the Xerox Corporation, F/X Publishing, the National Fax Center, and International Business Directories (IBD) in Montreal, Canada. In his work with IBD, he helped lead the marketing and distribution of specialized business directories to library and corporate clients. He attended the Ryerson Institute of Technology in Toronto, Canada, before embarking on his business career.

Outside of his professional responsibilities, Michael Mouyal pursues a diverse range of hobbies, including outdoor activities such as water skiing and golf. A design aficionado, he admires Italian fashion and modern home design.

Identifying Marketing Goals Before Requesting Financing

Michael Mouyal of Canada is a communications and marketing professional who works as a consultant to businesses interested in expanding and developing their marketing lines. One of the areas that Michael Mouyal is knowledgeable in is financing as it relates to business and marketing development.

According to the Small Business Administration, businesses that are creating a marketing plan should first make an evaluation regarding their financing requirements. Companies must initially determine if they can sufficiently manage the money they are bringing into their company or if they will require more.

Business executives who are seeking financing must carefully review their marketing strategies. For example, will they be using the capital to expand their product line or will the money go toward leveraging or minimizing risk? In order to answer that question, they need to evaluate their company's stage of development and how any requested money can specifically support key marketing activities.

To obtain financing for development purposes, companies must show how and where the capital will be used, demonstrate that the leadership in their company is strong, and outline how the financing will support their product lines and ultimate plan for growth. In order to realize a healthy ROI, companies must establish a clear and easy-to-follow business plan so they can adequately manage and fund marketing programs and campaigns.

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