Michael Parness

Published Author, Screenwriter, and Filmmaker

About Michael Parness

A multifaceted creative individual and financial entrepreneur, Michael Parness has authored several best-selling books on independent stock trading. His best seller Rule the Freakin' Markets! has been translated into six languages since its publication in 2002, and his second book, Power Trading/Power Living, has sold tens of thousands of copies. Also the author of Rule Your Freakin' Retirement, published in 2009, Michael Parness recently received an offer to write a fourth book titled Trading Animal Spirits.

Also an accomplished playwright and screenwriter, Michael Parness stands out as the writer of Sundance Institute Screenwriter's Lab finalist Random Acts of Kindness. He has also written an award-winning feature film, Crazy for Love, which won 14 honors including Best Feature and Best Screen at the 2006 Sacramento International Film Festival. A producer, as well, Mr. Parness owns and operates Full Glass Films, producer of the 2008 film Gospel Hill, which stars Samuel L. Jackson, Danny Glover, and Julia Stiles. His current pending projects include a new film, Road Kill, as well as numerous charitable endeavors including his own educational charity, the Trend Fund Foundation.

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