Veteran Marketing Executive Michael Perry of Sparta, NJ

A marketing professional with more than two decades of experience, Michael Perry of Sparta, NJ, has held executive marketing positions with major corporations such as BMG, J.P. Morgan Chase, and Citibank. He pursued his undergraduate degree at William Paterson University, where he earned a bachelor of arts in political science. Subsequently, he attended New York University, earning a master of arts in politics with a focus on research methodology and econometrics. Since 2012, Michael Perry has served as head of marketing for ClubsGalore, a New York-based gift company that offers monthly packages such as Wine of the Month Club and Chocolate of the Month Club. In his role with the company, the Sparta, NJ, resident creates marketing strategies to drive new website traffic, in addition to participating in new product development.

Over the past 2 years Michael Perry, based in Sparta, NJ, has launched 10 new product lines for ClubsGalore, as well as helped launch a brand new business line called BottleTasters.

Michael Perry also supports Players Against Concussions, a non-profit focused on making sports safer for children. He also supports other non-profits, in the Sparta, NJ area.

Mr. Perry holds membership in several professional groups, including the American Marketing Association and the Direct Marketing Association. Outside of his professional life, he pursues a diverse range of hobbies which includes studying Husserlian Phenomenology and collecting fountain pens.

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RSVP Reading

Sparta, NJ, resident Michael Perry became ClubsGalore’s head of marketing in 2012. Away from work, Michael Perry of Sparta loves reading.

Avid readers are often interested in reading faster. One of the easiest methods for reading faster is called rapid serial visual presentation, or RSVP. Apps and websites using the RSVP method can help you read faster. With the RSVP method, readers only see one word at a time on the screen. The key is how fast the words change, with varying apps offering speeds from 200 to 1,000 words per minute (wpm). To give you an idea of the sheer speed, Huffington Post claims that at 1,000 wpm, you could read all 309 pages of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone in just 77 minutes.

Of course, the method has its drawbacks. Chief among them is attention blink, in which your brain “blanks out” for a split second when presented with words too quickly. Typically, you’d simply take a second and gather yourself, but when trying to read 1,000 wpm, even the briefest of mental lapses could wreak havoc on your comprehension of the material. The solution is to find a speed above your normal reading speed, but slow enough for you to read without attention blink.

Branding Tips for Beginners

Based out of Sparta, New Jersey, Michael Perry is a marketer with ClubsGalore. In addition to his other duties at the company, Michael Perry helps consistently communicate the ClubsGalore brand voice in marketing materials.

Though building a brand from the ground up can be daunting for a company, it can nonetheless be crucial to success. In that light, here are two key concepts to keep in mind with conceiving a brand and working with marketing professionals to craft it to perfection.

Determine your brand persona. This should be rooted in the company’s overarching goals. Within that framework, the brand should be clear to ensure that it will thrive in a variety of disparate contexts from marketing and advertising to social media.

In addition to developing the brand persona, it’s important to have a complete understanding of the market. How will the brand be received by consumers the company is trying to reach? It’s also important to research competitors and their branding strategies. Consider how they are portraying themselves and what makes your brand unique in comparison.

Naming a Business Key to Brand Development

Head of marketing at ClubsGalore, Michael Perry of Sparta, NJ has been instrumental in generating 20 percent conversion gains among select market segments and launching six new club products. As a marketing executive, Sparta's Michael Perry regularly draws on his knowledge in the area of brand development for businesses.

Branding a business is something that needs to be done with care. The first key is to shape your brand image by giving it a personality. Once the personality of the business has been determined, an engaging name that brings the business together is crucial.

Naming a businessshould also be done cautiously. One good way to go about this step of brand development is to think about how you want your business to be portrayed and convey it in an easy way for customers to understand. Thinking of a simple but to-the-point name will leave fewer customers guessing as to what your business is all about and how they can benefit from it.

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