Properties- 15 Protons and Electrons, 16 Neutrons, Non-Metal, 5 Valence Electrons, 3 Shells, Colors-colorless, waxy white, yellow, scarlet, red, violet, and black, Highly Reactive, Group 15 period 3, Melting Point 44.1°C, Boiling Point 280°C,and Density 1.82g/cm3.

Common Uses- Fireworks, Fertilizers, Detergents, Fire Starters, Lubricants, Cleaners, Pesticides, Water Treatment, Metal Treating, Toothpaste, Fire Stoppers, and DNA.

Sales Pitch- Phosphorus is needed for many reasons. One of those reasons is that it is in our DNA, so we wouldn't even be alive without it! Also you can use phosphorus to get metal, salt, and other minerals out of water to make the water cleaner. Another reason why you need phosphorus is that you can use it to start and stop fires, so if you don't have electricity or gas you can use phosphorus to cook your food so that it will be edible.A fire will also benefit you by keeping you warm.  If a fire starts in a bad way, like if it is destroying your materials you can use phosphorus to put out that fire too. Phosphorus can also make fireworks, so if you are stranded and you need help you can make fireworks and shoot them up into the sky so that people will know where you are and they can come to rescue you. Fireworks can also be used to defend yourself so if someone is attacking you you can shoot fireworks at them so that they wont be able to hurt you or steal your materials. So all in all why would you not want phosphorus it can keep you alive forever!

Rank `Em Explanation:

Biological Need- Phosphorus is in our DNA so we wouldn't even be here without it so it is crucial for life. Also phosphorus can clean water and we cant survive without clean water.

Social Need- For social need what you could do is trade clean water and and you could also trade fireworks, fire stoppers, and fire starters.

Functional Need- You need phosphorus for everyday life because it can clean your water which you really need! Also it can make fire starters and fire stoppers, which can be crucial because a fire can help you cook food and it can keep you warm. Fire stoppers can put out a fire so it doesn't  damage you or anything else you have with you.

Defensive  Need- Phosphorus can be used to protect you in lots of ways. What you can do is that you can make fireworks out of phosphorus  and shoot them at the enemy, which can be very effective. Also what you can do is set the enemy on fire so that they wont be able to hurt you or your shelter. You can also make other weapons from fire.



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