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The Academic History of Michael Schamis

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Experience in marketing, public relations, and business development, Michael Schamis earned his bachelor of arts in economics from New York University. During his undergraduate years, Schamis served as a staff photographer, deputy photography editor, and photography editor for Washington Square News, the college's student-run newspaper. In the latter position, he oversaw a staff of up to 20 contributors. Moreover, Michael Schamis served as a student assistant with the school's Department of Sports Information and aided its volleyball, basketball, and soccer teams.

After graduating, Schamis enrolled at Hofstra University's Frank G. Zarb School of Business and acquired a master of business administration (MBA) in sports and entertainment management. For one summer, he interned with the Consumer Division of 5W Public Relations, compiling media lists and interacting with clients ranging from Gray Line New York and El Al Airlines to Three Olives Vodka and 1800 Tequila. The following year, Michael Schamis served as a marketing intern for the New Jersey Devils/Devils Arena Entertainment.

With his MBA, Schamis accepted a position as vice president of communications for MarketCounsel. At the business and regulatory consultancy, he was promoted to business development officer and analyst after approximately a year. Among his duties were overseeing the company's competitive analysis initiatives, handling social media outreach, and finding new leads. Since late 2013, he has assisted customers of Mister Wright Fine Wines & Spirits in Manhattan's Upper East Side.

The Roots of Multicultural and Multilinguistic St. Martin/St. Marteen

A wine-and-spirits sales associate in Manhattan, Michael Schamis has a passion for scuba diving in his free time and is a PADI instructor. He has travelled extensively to coastal destinations with his wife, including the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Jamaica, Barbados, and Grenada. One of Michael Schamis’ favorite island locales is St. Martin/St. Marteen.

Discovered by Christopher Columbus on St. Martin’s Day in 1493, St. Martin soon became a well-known destination for traders and buccaneers from diverse countries. The island took on the nickname “Soualiga,” which reflected its abundant supply of salt.

Following Spanish occupation and the enslavement of native inhabitants, the Dutch built a fort on the island in the 1620s. While the Spanish reclaimed the island a decade later, they abandoned it in 1648 as small and economically unimportant. The same year, the French and Dutch peaceably partitioned the island under the Treaty of Concordia.

Known as a yachting and diving paradise today, St. Martin maintains the linguistic and cultural divide between the two halves of the island, and the Treaty of Concordia remains firmly in place.

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