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Festival Co-Founder & Director at Sierra Canyon Film Festival, Film

About Michael Tanner Cusumano

Michael Tanner Cusumano is a precocious young filmmaker who has already received numerous accolades for his work. At only 18 years old, he has directed four films: Missing (2008), Sage (2009), Amanda (2010), and Impetuous (2011). Born in Burbank, California and currently attending high school in Chatsworth, California, Michael Tanner Cusumano has been making films since he was 12 years old. Six years ago, he began attending the prestigious New York Film Academy’s summer program, studying production, screenwriting, directing, cinematography, and editing. Experienced in all aspects filmmaking, Mr. Cusumano writes, directs, and produces original films.

He currently attends Sierra Canyon School and is very involved in the film community there. This independent college preparatory institution is a perfect fit for his talents because it has an outstanding performing arts program that offers many film courses. Mr. Cusumano recently directed the video portions of the school’s production of Rent. He also serves as president of the film club, and he won the Technology Department Award for his excellent work.

But Michael Tanner Cusumano’s greatest contribution to the film community of Sierra Canyon School is the Sierra Canyon Film Festival, which he co-founded. He directs and curates this annual event and is currently planning the festival for March 2013. The festival gives young filmmakers like Mr. Cusumano the opportunity to display their work, learn more about the field from panels of professionals, and network with their peers. In 2013, the Sierra Canyon Film Festival will take place at one of the major Los Angeles film studios. As a testament to Mr. Cusumano’s skills as both an event planner and respected filmmaker, many notable companies sponsor this festival: the Embassies of Cinema, Avid, Bur-Cal Management, and the New York Film Academy. 

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