Michael Tarr

Media and Communication Executive

About Michael Tarr

Michael Tarr is an experienced media and communications thought leader currently based in Los Angeles, California. After graduating with honors and earning a bachelor’s degree in English and cinema from Kent State University, Michael Tarr co-directed a short documentary on the Kent State shooting that occurred during the Vietnam War. For the next six years, he continued his career in filmmaking, producing over 20 documentaries that addressed various political and social issues. His career progressed when he moved to Los Angeles, and he became a motion picture development executive for Paramount Pictures. Tarr would eventually go on to found Pacific Electric Pictures, one of the first studios to use computer-generated imagery. The company became a leader in special effects, contributing to the production of movies such as Tron, Blade Runner, and more.

Remaining passionate about socially relevant documentary filmmaking, Michael Tarr is developing a presentation that highlights homelessness in America. The work will include personally collected still photos and videos, in addition to user-generated content that was submitted via social media.

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