Michael T. Jackson - SFG Advisors Founder, Former Belvedere Resident

A Florida resident who previously lived in Belvedere, California, Michael T. Jackson has decades of experience in the world of business and finance. He attended University of Virginia, working his way through school and earning a bachelor's degree in finance. While in college, he held several leadership positions, including fraternity president and president of the polo club. Before settling in Belvedere, Michael T. Jackson took night classes at the University of Southern California, where he earned an MBA degree while working full time for Ford Motor Company. He also holds an Advanced Investment Management certificate from Harvard Business School.

Mr. Jackson has founded three successful San Francisco-based firms. The first company was Hambrecht and Quist Equity Management, where he served as general partner for four years. In 1986, he started Emerging Growth Management and in 2002, he founded SFG Asset Advisors.

Michael T. Jackson supports a number of philanthropic causes. In addition to founding the Napa Medical Research Foundation to advance research in orthopedic regenerative healing, he has sponsored medical students attending the University of Dublin. He is a long-time supporter of many charitable organizations in California and Florida.

     The Causes of Greater Trochanteric Pain                                  Syndrome

The founder of SFG Asset Advisors, hedge fund pioneer Michael T. Jackson also served as the chairman and CEO of Emerging Growth Management, which he helped grow to a $1.2 billion value over the course of 15 years. A philanthropist who has supported multiple causes in Belvedere, California, while living there, Michael T. Jackson also founded Napa Medical Research Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to research that benefits patients with musculoskeletal conditions.

Currently, Napa Medical Research Foundation is conducting research into alternate treatment techniques for greater trochanteric pain syndrome. Most commonly experienced by middle-aged and senior individuals, greater trochanteric pain syndrome is typically felt as a consistent pain on the outside of the upper thigh. The condition has a number of potential causes, including specific injuries that affect the hip and thigh area as well as repetitive motion, such as jogging or walking, over long periods of time.

The condition can also be caused by scar tissue or the presence of surgical wiring in the area surrounding the hips, both of which typically occur in patients who have undergone hip surgery. Interestingly, patients.com, which is a resource for patient information, also notes that those with one leg longer than the other may be more susceptible to the condition.

How Mentoring Relates to Employee Retention

A former resident of Belvedere, California, Michael T. Jackson moved to Florida when he entered semi-retirement. Today, Michael T. Jackson draws upon his extensive experience in the financial sector to provide mentorship for the next generation of professionals in his work with SFG Asset Advisors since moving from Belvedere.

Quality mentorship plays a large role in employee retention, as demonstrated by the 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey. It found that employees who intended to stay with their current organizations were over twice as likely to have mentors within those organizations as those who don’t. Further, the survey discovered that millennials would prefer to at least 3.6 hours of their working weeks to be dedicated to mentoring.

In short, the survey found that companies that take an active interest in the career progress of millennial employees than those that don’t are more likely to retain employees. This is reinforced by the data, which found that 63 percent of those surveyed believed that not enough was being done to help them develop leadership skills, with a total of 66 percent expecting to leave their current roles by 2021.

Study on Cross-Sectional Nerve Areas for Carpal Tunnel Diagnostics

A former resident of Belvedere, California, Michael T. Jackson is the founder of SFG Asset Advisors. Although he moved from Belvedere to Florida in 2002, Michael T. Jackson continues to support many nonprofit groups in California and is the founder of the Napa Medical Research Foundation in Napa.

The foundation’s current research projects include a study on a less invasive way to diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome and other focal neuropathies. The study focuses on the development of a mathematical model that can help physicians diagnose these disorders through the creation of a set of standard values for nerves. Current methods for diagnosing carpal tunnel and other focal neuropathies include the use of electromyography and nerve conduction studies, two painful procedures.

Studies explored the possibility of using ultrasound measurements of the wrist’s median nerve cross-sectional area as a diagnostic test for carpal tunnel. The researchers examined the correlation between the median nerve’s cross-sectional area and a person’s height.

Since the study’s launch, the research team has achieved an 85 percent rate of success in establishing proof of a correlation between individual weight and the median nerve’s cross sectional area. Future studies will complement data obtained in a study involving children aged 6 to 10, and the team is currently compiling a group of 10 to 20 subjects at the tall end of the height spectrum.