Michael Todt

An Attorney Dedicated to Family and Community

About Michael Todt

Michael Todt received his juris doctor from St. Louis University School of Law (SLU LAW) in 1987 and began his career as an assistant special public defender in the City and County of St. Louis. A partner at Todt, Ryan & McCulloch, LLC, a family law firm where he handles divorce cases, motions for contempt and to modify judgments, and paternity actions, Michael Todt previously served as the municipal judge of Cottleville and an adjunct professor at SLU LAW.

Currently serving on the Board of Directors of Guardian Angel Settlement, an organization that provides quality care, clothing, and food to individuals in need in St. Louis’ inner city, Michael Todt previously acted at the president of the Parent Coordinating Council for the Academy of the Sacred Heart. A husband with five children, with whom he enjoys hunting, hiking, and traveling, he serves as the coach for several of their sports teams.

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