Michael Wiles - A Career of Creativity

Michael Wiles has lived a life that would silence many naysayers. When you are a young person who is going to school, at some point in time, you are going to start to think about your future. There are guidance counselors who are charged with the responsibility of helping students identify their strengths so that they can set achievable goals. Parents and other family members are also going to weigh in along way, and this is as it should be. The advice that is given is often going to be quite practical. Mature adults often try to convince young people to avoid risky dreams that can easily be shattered.

This mentality will often enter the picture when the young person in question is very creative. We have all heard of the term “starving artist,” and it can be difficult to make a living as an actor, a musician, a painter, or a writer. However, there are some people who simply cannot imagine doing anything else, and apparently, Michael Wiles is one of them. He is a musician who plays trombone and piano proficiently, and he is also an actor. This individual did not shy away from the uncertain path of the artist. He obtained the necessary educational underpinning after he graduated from high school, and he moved to San Francisco in 1999 to pursue a professional career in the theater. Michael Wiles never looked back after that, and he continues to enjoy a career that is based on his creative nature.

Michael Wiles - Weightlifting Mistakes To Avoid

When he is not busy with his work as a casting director, Michael Wiles likes to likes to stay in shape by weightlifting as often as possible. There are a number of common mistakes that those who are new to the sport tend to make, including all of the following.

Going Too Heavy

Walking into a gym and seeing people lifting massive amounts of weight can be intimidating, but you mustn’t allow it to affect your own workouts. Lift what you are comfortable with, as going too heavy leaves you open to injuries.

Poor Form

Every weightlifting exercise has a proper form that you need to maintain to get the most out of the workout. Concentrate on your breathing and don’t strain yourself. Failure to do this could result in muscles getting pulled or torn, hampering your weightlifting efforts in the process.

Not Finding A Spotter

If you decide that you want to push yourself and try lifting heavier weights than you are used to, it is important that you have a spotter on hand who can help you out if you run into any trouble. If you don’t you leave yourself open to the risk of sustaining an injury.

Michael Wiles is an experienced weightlifter.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles - Duties of A Casting Director

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles is a casting director. He has always loved to work with actors and in the industry. As a casting director, he has to make tough decisions and spend a lot of time working. If you are considering becoming a casting director, make sure you understand the duties.

Meets with Producer

The casting director typically meets with the producer and director of a film before choosing the cast. He will try to understand the point of story the producer is trying to create and choose the cast that can best present that message. This helps ensure that the cast members understand the role they are playing and the way the script should be read.

Creates Speaking Notes

The casting director will read over the script and will make note of any speaking parts that need to be made. He will also make the cast aware of these notes and explain what they mean and how the part should be read. This helps the cast get a better understanding of what needs to be said and when it should be said.

Approves Auditions

The casting director often sits in on auditions and makes recommendations for parts. The casting director may think one person would be better for the cast than another and may discuss his suggestions with the producer or director.

Michael Wiles enjoys working as a casting director. He encourages those interested in the industry to consider the duties and job requirements and make sure the job is right for them before they pursue such a career.

Michael Wiles - The Power of Theater Education in Your Career

A theater degree can be a wonderful foundation on which to build a thriving career. Michael Wiles considers his Bachelor of Fine Art from Cornish College of the Arts and his time at Idyllwild School of Music and Arts as experiences that have given him the success he’s had in theater. However, a degree in theater can build a wide variety of careers, not just careers in the arts.

A theater degree means that you have a variety of skills that can be an asset in any career. Theater majors are able to use critical thinking skills that they’ve learned from reading and preparing their lines from a script. They are also calm when something unexpected happens, like a forgotten line or a prop malfunction.

Theater majors also have good business sense. Though art is a huge part of theater productions, in the end, it’s a business. The goal is to put on a great show that brings in a lot of money. You have to be able to gauge what the audience is thinking, and what kinds of things they will pay to see. Theater majors are also resourceful, learning to make something great on a shoestring budget.

Bravery is also a quality that most theater major’s possess. Michael Wiles knows firsthand that being able to perform in front of an audience night after night requires a lot of gumption and courage. This is yet another quality that theater major’s possess that can be transferred to other career paths.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles - Never Stop Reading

Michael Wiles

As with many artists, Michael Wiles loves to read. As an actor, his favorite plays to perform and to read have always been Shakespeare, especially the tragedies: King Lear, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and others. He has read Shakespeare’s entire works three times, and every time he prepares for a role, especially in one of the tragedies, he re-reads a few of his favorite Shakespeare plays. He says that if it were up to him, he would perform and read nothing but King Lear, for the human complexity of the roles of the King and his daughters. He has told his acting students who come to him for voice lessons and basic acting tips that everything about human nature can be gleaned from King Lear. The play remains his favorite to watch, favorite to read, and favorite to perform.

Michael Wiles had dreams of being a writer in his youth before he discovered his innate ability to place himself into the mind of others onstage. In the pursuit of this dream, he tried to read everything on his parents’ bookshelf, and he continues to read voraciously to this day. The habit that his early passion has instilled in him makes him that much more of a better actor. He believes that the best way to inhabit someone else is to read everything as they would, inferring and inflecting the characters’ own history and personality into the words. He says that one of the exercises he does in preparation for any performance is to read one of his favorite books as the character he is going to play. If he can read The Joy Luck Club, one of his favorite books like his character would, he is ready to take the stage.

Escape to another World

In this modern day and age, it may seem unnecessary to dive into literature. Entertainment surrounds us in various forms, from movies and television to quick little YouTube videos. Taking the extra space and brain power to sit down and read a book may not seem like the best use of your time. However, it should be noted that although traditional reading typically takes longer than your average movie, it is still extremely valuable and provides those who partake with an experience like no other.

Reading a book allows for immersion of the reader in ways that other story mediums cannot. Since, in most cases, none of the visuals are provided, the reader is required to more actively participate in creating the world and the way things and people are in their head. This extra bit of effort on the part of the reader can actually lead to a more enjoyable experience. The active participation creates an effect in which the reader feels that they are almost a part of the story. The end of the book leaves the reader feeling as if they were really on the adventure that took place inside it. There will never be another medium that can provide the same experience as reading a book, and it should not be overlooked.

Michael Wiles is an adamant book lover who lives and works in Sacramento, California. By profession he is a casting director, actor, and musician.

The Value of a Casting Director

When it comes to movies, television, and theatre, there are a few main things the audience usually notices, these are the direction, the acting, and the writing. Good writing is usually decided by whether or not the story was executed well in a successful and fulfilling way, good acting is decided by the believability of the performances, and good directing is decided by the cohesiveness of the product from the technical aspects and performances. There is, however, one particular role that is often overlooked by most but just as crucial; this is the casting director.

The casting director in many ways has a role that combines directing, acting, and writing. They are the ones who decide which actors would be best for which roles. While this may seem like a simple task, there are many things the casting director must to take into account when doing his job. First of all, he must make sure that the actor he has selected for the role not only fits the script but also the director's vision. He must also make sure that the actor is someone the director will be able to work with successfully to get out the performances needed. The casting director must also make sure that all of the individual roles will have great chemistry together. This is especially important for the leading roles, but if everyone has great chemistry with each other, it will be even better. Michael Wiles is a casting director in Sacramento, CA.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles: The Joy of Shakespearean Theater

William Shakespeare is one of the most popular poets, playwrights, and actors in history. He is regarded by many as the greatest writer in the English language. His influence is felt in many ways throughout our culture. You can find proof of this in the books that you read, the language that we speak, and even the films that we watch. People may not realize it, but William Shakespeare is credited with inventing close to two thousand words that we commonly used today. Words like a critic, bump, and advertising are attributed to his work. He is also behind various phrases that we use such as a brave new world, being in a pickle, fair play, and many others. Many people enjoy the aspects of the language that he used throughout his works. The language is regarded by many as beautiful, and that is due to its poetic structure.

The list of accolades and accomplishments that William Shakespeare holds and is responsible for is vast. For those in the culture of performing arts, this is exhibited in his theatrical works. His plays are dripping in. Poetry through nearly every line. He is responsible for some of the greatest dialogue in recorded history. Through the words that he committed on paper, he was able to create atmospheres, he was able to paint landscapes, and he was able to develop characters that were compelling. In many ways, the work that Shakespeare put into the dialogue within his plays has made acting these plays easy for the actors performing them. His work belongs to the ages and is not limited to the time in which he lived. Michael Wiles is an avid figure in the world of theater. He has embraced the works of Shakespeare throughout his career. He currently resides in Sacramento, California and supports the arts as an accomplished casting director.

Michael Wiles: Arts in the City of Berkeley

The city of Berkeley, California is a city with a big reputation for its progressive nature. Despite the fact that it has a small population, it is known for a variety of features including free speech, the arts, scientific exploration and academics. When it comes to the arts, there is no shortage of opportunities for people to enjoy sculptures, paintings, performances, and more. There are festivals and centers throughout the city and throughout the calendar year. The city has nurtured this reputation through grants that have supported civic arts, for the construction of dedicated arts facilities, and through the works of the University of California campus which sits within its borders. The city has a civic arts commission that is a major supporter of promoting the arts and beautifying the urban landscape. This Commission has been instrumental in the development of arts within the city. They have developed a thriving downtown Arts District, a public art program, and a long-term plan for the continuing support of all types of artistic endeavors.

From art to events, to film and exhibitions, the city of Berkeley embraces these pursuits with the type of vigor that the west coast of the United States has been known for. One institution that has a long-standing reputation is that of the Berkeley Playhouse. This theater was founded in 2007, and it has produced family performances that have thrilled audiences for close to a decade. They bring energy, passion and entertainment into the lives of audiences through their dedication and production. Michael Wiles is an accomplished casting director who has worked with the Berkeley Playhouse a number of times over the years. Wiles takes tremendous pride in having contributed to a wholesome theater experience that is targeted at family entertainment. He currently lives in the city of Sacramento, California, and he continues to support the efforts of this theater.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles: Being an Actor

If you have ever wondered what motivates an actor to do what they do, you are not alone. Whether it is a desire to stand out, a passion for the craft or a chance to explore imagination, the reasons behind acting are many. When one of these drivers has emerged, and the individual is looking at an acting career, the stage is a great place to start out. When you first step on stage for the first time in your career, it is an exciting and sometimes scary moment. If acting is right for that person, it typically does not take long for them to embrace the moment. Typically, those who love acting are the ones who care and understand it more than others. They have a true love for the art, and they internalize every line, every angle, every position on the stage, and every last detail of their performance.

There are many programs throughout the country that reach out to students at institutions of education as well as through the adult community. There are opportunities for people from all walks of life to express themselves through the art of acting. At the root of it all is a passion for expressing creativity and seeing the world through a character’s eyes. This is the wonder of acting and just a peek into the many wonderful things that it provides. Audiences love it; directors love it, and actors love it. Michael Wiles is a musical and casting director that works in the city of Sacramento, California. He has been involved in theater and acting for all of his life. He served as vocal director at the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival, and he has helped many protégés in developing their own careers in performing. He is known to many for his passion of the craft and accessibility to the community.

Michael Wiles: Breaking into Theater

Getting your first opportunity to perform in a theater can be a challenging affair. Some people seek to act because they wish to be famous, and others enjoy acting for the pure joy of arts. Passion for acting is a big part of making it into the business, and there are benefits that can be fun as well. A great place to start is at a community theater. One misconception is that an agent is required to get into a local production. Once you are in a community theater program, no that this is a time to prepare, learn and execute techniques, and to have fun with it. The setting is relaxed, and a career in community theater prepares you for rehearsing, performing, and auditioning if you are looking to move on to different things.

Finding auditions is the next step in building a career in theater. It is important to have a resume that features all of your special talents, all of the shows that you have participated in, all the classes you’ve taken, all the venues you have performed that, the camps that you have been to, etc. Finally, as a performer, you must prepare to be rejected. This is a normal part of getting into the theater world, and you can take comfort in the fact that it gets better with time. Individuals who succeed are those that get rejected and try again and again. If you set goals, you can make the best use of your daily effort and progress against realistic marks of achievement. Acquiring skills and tools along the way will help the emerging actor to round out what he has to offer. Michael Wiles is a musical director with the Bay Area Children’s Theater. He has seen a number of talents come through an arc within their careers.

Michael Wiles

Working as A Casting Director

A casting director is a middleman who is in charge of finding the actors needed to fill roles in various movies, commercials, TV shows, theatrical productions, or even corporate videos. In a production you find the producers, director and writers on one side, and the actors and talent agents on the other along with the casting director in the middle. Women make up a large percentage of the of the casting directors in the entertainment industry.

Besides contacting actors and agents and holding auditions, a casting director's responsibilities include assembling casts that include hundreds of actors, negotiating deals with the actors' agents and managing the contracts once the actors have signed. Casting directors are also involved in pre-production. A casting director may be employed by the studio, be a sole operator or work for a casting agency. The casting director does the following: meets with the producers, the director and the writer to understand the project and meets with the production accountant in regards to the casting budget. Besides the fore mentioned, casting directors also make recommendations based on auditions for each speaking part, make final selcctions along with the director and producers, negotiates the actors contracts with their agents, oversee the casting budget, hold and conduct casting calls for minor acting parts, acts as a liaison between the director and the actors, find replacments once contracts are signed and during production.

Michael Wiles is an experinced Casting Director and Musical Director, who also is a successful Actor in the Sacramento area. He specializes in musical theatre, acting, vocal coaching, piano, and orchestral conducting and management. He has worked in various capacities at some of the top theaters in California. He loves his work and maintains that his current job is the highlight of his career.

Michael Wiles

Earth Day Every Day - Environmental Council of Sacramento

The Environmental Council of Sacramento (ECOS) seeks to protect and promote safe, sustainable communities for both current and future residents of Sacramento. Carried into existence in response to the very first Earth Day in 1970, ECOS was built by leaders in environmental protection to manifest a vision and action-focused coalition for the city. ECOS supported movements to ban the open burning of garbage as well as ending the region’s use of nuclear energy.

In the 1980s and 1990s, ECOS focused on a number of community movements and projects such as protecting Bushy Lake at Cal Expo, blocking floodplain development, increasing viability in the community for cleaner fuel transportation, the establishment of Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge, and the creation of Habitat 2020.

The Council’s most notable successes from the year 2000 and up include continued coordination of Sacramento Earth Day events each year, managing grant-funded community outreach and planning projects, creating the Smart Growth Leadership Recognition Program, developing the ECOS Volunteer Action Corps to create the “face” of environmental programs around the city, and more.

ECOS is thrilled to have celebrated its 45th birthday this year. Michael Wiles of Sacramento, a fervent supporter of ECOS and a greener, healthier environment, invites Sacramento residents to get involved. Join a committee, volunteer with a research or outreach program, donate, or obtain a membership. As seen on the ECOS website at www.ecosacramento.net, more information can be found here regarding a more complete history of the Council, a list of committees, a detailed account of this year’s Earth Day Celebration, contact information, and more.

Michael Wiles

Bay Area Children’s Theatre Connecting Children to the Arts

Founded in 2004 by arts educators, The Bay Area Children’s Theater (BACT) serves 68,000 children and adults in the San Francisco Bay Area. BACT is overjoyed to bring theater into the lives of all children to ignite creativity and a larger connection to the world, including those currently living in underserved communities. BACT places incredible value on community outreach, and children who are not able to view main stage productions can see a variety of performances at local schools, libraries, and community centers to break geographic and financial barriers. All children deserve to be surrounded by art.

BACT also supplies social service organizations with free tickets, a total of $5,000 in free tickets per year, to ensure that children and families of all backgrounds can access the excitement and experience of being able to attend live productions.

BACT provides numerous programs inside and outside of the theater to get children on stage. The Children’s Fairyland program, a program catering to early childhood aged children, breathes literacy and creativity into the youngest children’s lives by providing reading materials for these children and their parents that compliment current productions.

Additionally, BACT also serves children five years of age and older in their Youth Education Program, including both in-school and afterschool programs to get children acting and participating in theatrical endeavors.

Michael Wiles
, who knows that our children are some of the most gifted faces of theater, is thrilled to share his talents and passions as a musical director with the Bay Area Children’s Theater.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles - Avid Reader

Michale Wiles will never forget the first time he read The Lord of the Rings as a boy, the sense of wonder and adventure as he journeyed along with the other wanderers of Middle Earth will never leave him and propel him to travels throughout the country. When preparing for a role, Wiles does more than research. He says that reading has always been a large part of his life, and if he can’t place himself in a character as if the character was reading the material, he can’t fully put himself in their shoes. This sounds obsessive, and many other actors who Wiles has worked with would agree with that assessment, but Wiles swears by it. but Wiles takes his reading to another level. Many actors read about their parts, who wrote their lines, etc. Some of Wiles’ favorite authors are Shakespeare, Tony Kushner, Edward Albee, Lanford Wilson, Arthur Miller, and JRR Tolkien. He researches how to research as if he was his character. Wiles reads deeply and widely. Michael Wiles is known as an unusually voracious reader.

Michael Wiles reads everything there is to read about his character and who created him. When the words on the page start to sound as if the character Wiles is portraying is reading them aloud in his head, Wiles knows he is ready. He says that the knowledge in certain books is universal for all people. While other actors take to reading as a hobby, Wiles takes to it as part of his job, part of his preparation.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles: Mind on Film

Michael Wiles has always dreamt of being on the big screen. When he decided at a young age that he wanted to become an actor (after spending a few formative years thinking he wanted to be a writer, then realizing all the spelling and grammar involved in such a vocation), he knew that one day he wanted to see himself on the movie screen. Wiles’ vision has changed a bit since his younger days. He is more involved in acting on stage than he is onscreen. Wiles works as a casting director and musical director for a theater company in Sacramento, where he now makes his home.

Michael Wiles was born in Helena, Montana. His parents encouraged him to read and think creatively from a young age, and he wrote adventure stories as a child and acted them out for his family and friends. After high school, Wiles left Helena and moved to bigger, busier Seattle, where he studied acting formally at the regionally prestigious Cornish College of the Arts. He earned his BFA in acting in 1997, and in 1999, Wiles moved to somewhat sunnier San Francisco. There, his acting career took off. He performed hundreds of roles for hundreds of productions for hundreds of theater companies. After some years of distinction in San Francisco, he moved north to Sacramento, where he now works as a vocal coach, casting director, and all around mentor for up and coming actors.

Michael Wiles finally got onscreen in a major feature film in 2006, when he played a stockbroker in the Will Smith film, The Pursuit of Happyness. Wiles says that his brief time with Smith on set made him appreciate the actor more, and made him fall in love with the stage all over again. Wiles says that he doesn’t like all the cameras and electronic equipment. He just needs a stage and his lines.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles: Culinary Aspirations

Michael Wiles says that his career as a chef never took off, because, he says, he could burn a salad. One day, he says, he hopes to hone his negligible skill in the kitchen, but for now he likes to frequent some of the popular local eateries in his community. He says that his favorites are Mikuni, Star Ginger, Mother, Chicago Fire Pizza, Pieology, Ricks Dessert Diner, The Porch, and Tako. Wiles has a sweet tooth, and he hopes that his culinary career will take off as a pastry chef.

Until Michael Wiles figures out how to use an oven, he will continue to work as an actor in Sacramento, California. He has been an actor or musical director for over twenty years. Growing up in Helena, Montana, he performed in many school plays and musical productions, blowing everyone away with his fearless singing voice and overwhelming energy. He has worked for hundreds of theater production companies over his long career after he graduated from the prestigious Cornish College of Arts in Seattle. He has worked throughout many of the Western states in the United States, finally settling in Northern California to be a casting director, musical director, and vocal coach to go along with his burgeoning acting career.

Michael Wiles wants to be able to be useful in the kitchen, however. Over the years, he has developed a taste for fine cuisine from all over the world through his travels. He says he still has much work to do to be able to fashion an edible meal, however. Even if cooking doesn’t work out for him, he can still rely on being a fine actor.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles - The Impact of Theater on Youth

Nobody knows the impact of theater on youth better than actor, musical director and casting director Michael Wiles. From a young age, Michael Wiles participated in theater productions. He spent 10 years teaching high school students musical theater, instilling them a love of acting, singing and dancing.

There are many great benefits to youth who participate in theater. Some are educational, and some affect much more than just grades. Learning their lines may increase their literacy and their memorization skills. Being directed can help improve their listening skills, a skill which will go beyond their school years.

Children who suffer from painful shyness my learn bravery and self-confidence through doing theater. Theater is an activity that throws children with different backgrounds and interests together, giving children the opportunity to learn how to navigate social situations with kids they don’t typically interact with.

Theater is also a “team sport,” so children can learn the effects that not doing their part can have on a team. If a child gets a role that is highly desired, they have the opportunity to learn how to accept the compliment with grace and humility, instead of bragging. Should something go wrong on stage, children have the opportunity to learn how to stay calm and deal with the unexpected.

Theater is a tremendous creative outlet, which is something that all children need. Michael Wiles learned during his teaching years that creative expression is vital to children and teenagers as they make their way through their formative years. Theater can teach many positive, lifelong skills to the youth of today.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles - How to Interest Youth in Shakespeare

Shakespeare’s writings are the essence of classic literature. His plays are beloved by those in the literary world and the theatrical world alike. Michael Wiles is an actor, musical and casting director and he favors Shakespeare above all other forms of drama. There is one group, however, that struggles to find their footing with the inimitable William Shakespeare: teens.

Teens need to learn some Shakespeare if they wish to have a well-rounded high school English education. Teaching it to them can be a bit of a tricky situation, however, there are a few things you can do to get kids interested in the nuances of Shakespeare.

First, as the teacher, you need to have an understanding of the text. If the students sense that you don’t really know what you’re talking about, they aren’t going to bother learning it. (Why should they, if you didn’t?) Review the text before you teach the unit, and be able to paraphrase the play at you go over it with the class.

Have your students read the play out loud. This gets them actively involved in the drama, and will get them more invested in the play and its outcome.

Another way to get teenagers interested in Shakespeare is to let all jokes (even the bawdy ones) be out in the open. No, you don’t have to dissect each dirty joke in class, but there’s no purpose in hiding a joke if you want your class to truly understand the text. If they’re laughing, they’re getting it, and you’ve done your job.

Michael Wiles traces his love for Shakespeare back to his high school days in Helena Montana. His teacher knew how to get kids excited about Shakespeare’s plays, and that love of Shakespeare only grew for Michael. He now has several Shakespearean plays under his belt as an actor and a musical director and accompanist.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles - Why You Should Have Hobbies

There’s nothing wrong with being dedicated to your work. Michael Wiles is lucky this his job as a casting director is something that he’s truly passionate about, and has no trouble throwing himself into his work. However, even Michael who loves his job understands that having hobbies outside of work are very important for a healthy balanced lifestyle.

You may be so busy with all of your responsibilities, that you don’t feel you have time for a hobby. When you are busy, you need a hobby even more. Hobbies are an important part of a balanced life, and they can provide distraction from your problems, as well as relief from the stress of your everyday life.

Psychologically speaking, focusing on something that brings you pleasure or joy instead of your stresses and responsibilities is greatly beneficial to your overall health. How do you find a hobby? Simply find something that interests you. Whether it’s remote control airplanes, watercolor painting or horseback riding, as long as it interests you and makes you happy, it’s a good fit.

You don’t have to choose something you are good at. You can be terrible at throwing clay, cooking Japanese food or playing volleyball. Keep trying! As long as you are getting enjoyment out of the activity, it doesn’t matter at all how good you are at it, and if you keep at it, you may find you are good at it after all!

Michael Wiles enjoys baseball, reading and cooking in his spare time. Whether he’s at the baseball diamond, chopping onions or burying his nose in a good book, he enjoys the relief that comes from having hobbies.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles - Tips for Learning to Play the Trombone

Michael Wiles stays busy with his job, but he does have some spare time on occasion. He likes to spend that time playing his trombone. He has been playing trombone for a while now. If you are you starting out, you may want to consider these tips to help you learn faster.

Practice Everyday

The more you practice, the better you will become. You should practice the trombone every day. Even if only for a few minutes at a time, playing often will keep you familiar with the notes and music and make you a better musician.

Clean It After Each Use

You need to keep your trombone clean if you want it to sound great and last for a long time. You should clean your trombone after each use and before you put it away. Make sure you dry it thoroughly as well.

Record Yourself

It can be hard to really get a good idea of how you sound when you are playing the trombone. The best way to listen to yourself is to record yourself while playing. You can play it back to see if you played any of the wrong notes or just to see how you sound.

Playing the trombone can be a lot of fun, and it is a great way to relax and relieve stress. Michael Wiles enjoys playing the trombone and learning new songs. If you are interested in learning to play a musical instrument, consider playing the trombone.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles - Duties of A Vocal Coach

Michael Wiles works as a casting director and a vocal coach. He enjoys helping people do what they love and has met a lot of interesting people through his work. If you love acting and helping people. You may want to become a vocal coach. Make sure you are aware of the job duties.

Teaches Foreign Languages

Many operas, musicals, and plays are written in a foreign language. They must also be performed in this language. A vocal coach can help teach actors and singers more about a different language and how to speak the language or even translate certain plays and musicals.

Improves Diction

A vocal coach can teach a person to improve his or her diction. This makes them speak and sing better and can even improve the way they talk with an accent. This is especially important for people who are trying to learn a new language or disguise an accent.

Coaches Singers

Vocal coaches can help singers find their range, keys and teach them to hit certain notes. He can also help them sing while accompanied by musical instruments. A vocal coach is a must for someone just starting out in the music industry.

Michael Wiles enjoys working as a vocal coach. He likes to help actors improve their voice and their skills. Vocal coaches help a lot of people and can even help starts get a jump start on their careers. If you want to become a vocal coach, it never hurts to be familiar with the job duties.

Michael Wiles - Interesting Facts About Shakespeare

Michael Wiles is a casting director who loves acting and plays. As a professional actor, he has studied Shakespeare for many years. He is very familiar with Shakespeare and loves to learn more about him. If you are interested in learning more about Shakespeare, you may find these facts interesting.

  • William Shakespeare had a cousin who once attempted to plot against Queen Elizabeth. He was imprisoned and executed.
  • During his life, Shakespeare became a wealthy businessman. He owned many properties that brought him constant income.
  • Shakespeare put a curse on his grave and threatened anyone who might want to move his body or disturb his final resting place.
  • Shakespeare married his first wife when he was just 18. She was 26 years old and already pregnant with their first child when they got married.
  • Shakespeare wasn’t only a writer; he was also a talented actor. He starred in many plays, including his own.
  • Shakespeare’s family home was very large. It was rumored to be the second largest home in the town.
  • Aside from being a talented playwright and actor, Shakespeare was also a dedicated family man and a businessman and property owner.
  • Shakespeare often wore a gold hoop in his left ear. It is present in many sketches and paintings of the writer.

William Shakespeare was not only an amazing playwright, he was also very interesting. Very few people know the truth about William Shakespeare, but these interesting facts will give you a glimpse into his life.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles - How To Impress Casting Directors

Michael Wiles is a casting director for a theatre company who regular presides over auditions. Many actors struggle to find that certain something that attracts the attention of casting directors, so try to keep the following in mind if you want to make a great impression.

Understand The Part

Make sure that you have done your reading, understand the work that the director has been involved in before and, most importantly, figure out what is required to play the character you are auditioning for. If you turn up unprepared it is likely that the director will tune out right at the start of your audition.

Don’t Be Desperate

Acting can often wear on people, especially if they have struggled to get parts in the past. This can lead to some showing signs of desperation, which can bleed over into their performances. Remember that casting directors are just people, so you don’t need to allow anxiety and desperation take over your performances.

Expect The Unexpected

Actors should come into their auditions prepared to take on the unexpected. You may be asked to improvise or doing something you were not prepared for, so let your inhibitions go and give it your all.

Michael Wiles is an experienced casting director.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles - The Benefits of Reading

When he is not busy with his work as a casting director at a theatre company, Michael Wiles likes to spend his spare time reading. There are a number of benefits to the activity, not all of which are immediately apparent, including all of the following.

Your Improve Your Own Writing

As you start to read more complex pieces of literature, you will begin to understand narrative structure and how to frame your own pieces. Furthermore, you will also get inspired by good authors, allowing you to figure out what they do to engage their audiences, thus allowing for improvements in your own writing.

Stress Relief

There are few things more relaxing than sitting down with a good book and escaping to a different world for a few hours. Reading allows you to focus your mind on something other than the issues in your life, which reduces stress and may even lend you a new perspective on the problems that are troubling you.

Improved Intelligence

The activity will allow you to improve your vocabulary while also ensuring that you learn new things. You can apply these skills in social situations, becoming a more intelligent and interesting conversationalist in the process.

Michael Wiles spends a lot of his spare time reading.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles - Insight and Experience

Michael Wiles is in a highly creative field of endeavor. This individual has been a professional actor for more than 15 years, and he is a long-standing member of the Actor's Equity Association. When laypeople look at acting performances, they sometimes harbor misconceptions. It can seem as though acting is simply a matter of natural talent. There are those who are impressed, and they can be complementary, but they say things like “I wish I had your talent.” This can also apply to musicians. In addition to his skill as an actor, he is a piano player and a trombonist, and he has worked professionally as a musical director for a number of different theater companies.

Without question, there are people with a great deal of talent in the acting field, and there are naturally talented musicians as well. At the same time, it takes education and hard work to reach your potential, even if you are inherently talented. Michael Wiles recognized that he wanted to get into the creative arts when he was a young person. He knew that education would be very important, so he left his home town of Helena, Montana to go to the mountains above Palm Springs, California to attend Idyllwild Arts Academy. After that, he went to Seattle, Washington to obtain a degree in acting at Cornish College.

Throughout his professional career he has worked with many different theater companies, and he shares his knowledge and insight with others who work around him. Michael Wiles has worked as a casting director and a musical director, so he applies his experience to help create complete theatric experiences.

Michael Wiles

Michael Wiles - The Formative Years

Michael Wiles can point toward a long list of successful relationships with theater companies in Northern California. He is an accomplished piano player and a trombonist, and he has applied his musical knowledge to the theater. This multi-talented artist has worked as a musical director, and he is also a professional actor who is a member of the Actor's Equity Association.

During his formative years, Michael Wiles had the opportunity to experience some very interesting places. He was born in 1975 in Helena, Montana. The history of this town is quite intriguing, and it first coalesced into being as a gold mining outpost during the Montana gold rush of the 1860s. Close to $4 billion in gold was extracted near Helena, so it rapidly became one of the wealthiest towns in the United States. Some of the older architecture dating from this early period is extraordinary, and this was the backdrop that Michael Wiles experienced during his youth. He stayed in Helena through his high school years.

Apparently, he was one of those people that was fortunate enough to know what he wanted to do with his life at a young age. He went to Idyllwild Arts Academy in Southern California after high school, and he subsequently moved on to Cornish College in Seattle, Washington. Michael Wiles earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in acting when he was at Cornish, and he has put it to good use throughout his many years as a professional actor, casting director, and musical director.

Michael Wiles