Showing his care for community

Showing compassion has its benefits on a personal level. Some people go on in life never really giving much to others and wondering why they sometimes feel empty. It's hard to imagine the world where not too many people show compassion and caring with so much hardship and sorrow in the world today. Many can see the community for what's really happening day in and day out, and others just don't stop to take a look around. In the world, there are many issues and problems, including poverty, famine, and potentially curable diseases. Of all these conditions, it is really hard to imagine that two of them actually have a possible solution, namely poverty and famine. These can often be eradicated by simple methods of donation. But when it comes to disease there is a lot of fighting that needs to be done. Many people suffer from diseases in many cases there is almost no hope for them. There have been diseases that have been eradicated off the face of the earth or science, modern medicine, and technology. Many have come a long way for improvements of conditions and, unfortunately, there are many more where we have just begun. ALS is a major issue for many who suffer, and many do not live more than five years after being diagnosed. There have been some that sought of a form of treatment which may slow the condition, but the end is inevitable. Michael W Leroy has been a firm supporter of Team Gleason, a program that raises funds and donates technology and equipment to many who need therapy and scientific research to combat ALS.

Michael W Leroy - Habitat for Humanity

Michael W. LeRoy practices law through a firm he co-founded, Fulmer LeRoy& Albee, PLLC law firm. As the firm’s managing partner, LeRoy offers great legal defense services and advice to those who are in need of an attorney. Practicing for years, Michael W. LeRoy has established himself as an excellent attorney and one of the best in the state of Florida. However, Michael W. LeRoy aims to do more for the community he lives in; after falling in love with the area and deciding to live in it, LeRoy knew he wanted to make an effort to continually better his community. That is where Habitat for Humanity came in.

Habitat for Humanity is a non-profit organization that focuses its attention on providing the homeless with shelters. The homeless are in nearly every community and creating an issue that is widespread throughout the United States. Michael W. LeRoy has seen the effects of homelessness and the many people who are struggling because of the situation they are in. Not wanting a person ever to go a night without a place to sleep, LeRoy sees the Habitat for Humanity organization as a charity that must be aided.

Michael W. LeRoy genuinely wants to see his community prosper and grow into something better. With his heart of gold, LeRoy found a charity that he can devote his time and resources to in order to continually make a difference in the Orlando community. It is because of men and women like Michael W. LeRoy that charities like Habitat for Humanity is able to continually thrive and help those in less fortunate situations.

Celebrating the Success of Golden Key International

As Michael W. LeRoy pursued his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Nebraska, he was honored to be awarded membership in the Golden Key International Honor Society, the world’s largest collegiate honor organization. Founded in 1977 at Georgia State University, it was originally named the Golden Key National Honor Society, and the first membership was 300 students from all fields of study. Since that time, Golden Key has invited more than 2 million undergraduate and graduate students to join its numbers. There are now over 400 Golden Key chapters internationally, but the Society’s National Headquarters is still located in Atlanta, although the Society’s name was changed to the Golden Key International Honor Society, to acknowledge the now international reach of the organization.

More than $10 million in scholarships and grants have been awarded since 1977 from Golden Key as it approaches its 40th year. It is the largest collegiate society of its kind in the world, and accepts members by invitation only. Golden Key is dedicated to high qualities in academic performance, and excellence in personal behaviors of integrity, innovation, respect and diversity. Michael W. LeRoy continues to honor these lofty goals in his career life as a professional attorney.

Golden Key membership offers the opportunity to its members of exclusive scholarships and awards, with connections to major captains of industry. Only the top 15% of undergraduates are eligible for invitation, and only top-performing graduate students are considered for membership, such as Michael W. LeRoy. Through membership and connection with like-minded academics, opportunities arise to develop leadership skills, and to utilize these skills on a local, regional, national and international level.

The Importance of Informed Consent Between Doctor and Patient

Fulmer LeRoy & Albee offers professional expertise in the defense of medical practitioners against medical malpractice lawsuits. Negligence is a key element in the cause of malpractice, and it is essential to show that there was no negligence, that the medical professional practiced due diligence and concern. Disproving charges of negligence is the first line of medical malpractice defense. Contributory negligence is that which occurs when someone other than the medical professional is culpable for alleged injuries. The capable attorneys at Fulmer LeRoy & Albee investigate these claims thoroughly for signs of patient negligence in contributing to their own injuries, and said attorneys are managed by partner Michael W. LeRoy.

A patient may allege he had no informed consent, meaning he was not properly apprised of all the risks inherent in his procedure or treatment. Such claims may arise from the use of a treatment program which is new or radical to care for the patient. Professional attorneys will access other professional medical practitioners to give evidence in support of the line of treatment, called the respectable minority defense, and will thoroughly research and interview all principles involved to unearth evidence disproving claims of lack of informed consent. Many municipalities and states have Good Samaritan statues, which protect those who react in emergency situations to assist injured individuals. These laws protect providers of emergency aid, and Michael W. LeRoy may bring these statutes to bear in the case of a malpractice suit by those who were lent assistance by good Samaritans.