Michael Wodchis

Michael Wodchis, Proven Insurance Team Builder

About Michael Wodchis

Over the course of his nearly three decades in the financial services industry, Michael Wodchis has established a record of management success. As vice president of strategic alliances and business development for Windsor Insurance Associates, Michael Wodchis contributes to the firm’s efforts to expand revenue opportunities in the life insurance market.

Prior to accepting his current position, Michael Wodchis served as senior vice president, distribution at CBIZ Life Insurance Solutions, Inc. In this role, he increased revenues and exceeded plan even in a weak life insurance market. His responsibilities also included managing relationships with life insurance carriers, oversight over marketing and wholesaling efforts, and supporting retail sales. Previously, he was the senior vice president of marketing at National Financial Partners Insurance Services, Inc. in Austin, Texas, where he help drive a 266 percent growth rate in the company’s life insurance production from 2001 to 2007, and a significant rise in the company’s share price between 2003 and 2007.

A resident of Austin, Texas, Michael Wodchis earned his bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University in New York.

The Importance of Protein While Weight Lifting

Michael Wodchis serves as Vice President at Windsor Insurance Associates where he works with business partners to expand life insurance opportunities. While away from his work obligations, Michael Wodchis enjoys staying fit by weight lifting.

Protein is essential during weight lifting. If your goal is to gain muscle with weight lifting, you need to consume protein every three to four hours so there will be plenty of amino acids to build muscle properly. When you lift weights, you are essentially damaging your muscles. Protein repairs damage the muscle fibers have endured during your strength training session.

Approximately one to 11 grams of protein for each pound of body weight is needed to grow muscle. Although good protein sources include chicken, fish, turkey, and eggs, some experts recommend protein shakes to ensure you consume enough protein. When considering a protein shake, whey protein is usually more easily absorbed by the body than other types of protein, with some considering whey protein isolate to be the best quality.

Beautiful Opportunities for Running in Austin, Texas

Michael Wodchis is a business executive with over thirty years of experience. Currently serving as the vice president of strategic alliances and business development at Windsor Insurance Associates, Michael Wodchis spends his time outside of work enjoying athletic activities such as running and cycling in his hometown of Austin, Texas.

For those who enjoy pursuing a healthy lifestyle, Austin, Texas, has long been a favorite destination. Consistently ranked each year among the nation’s healthiest cities and the best cities for runners by Forbes, Austin has a plethora of athletic opportunities for its population. Its scenery provides the perfect venue for recreational activities such as mountain biking or kayaking, and the city has a multitude of beautiful hiking and running trails to explore, which likely contributes to its high percentage of runners. Some of the city’s favorite hiking trails are as follows:

Lady Bird Trail: Conveniently located, this trail is long enough for seasoned runners but also offers shorter options for people looking for a bit of light exercise. In addition, its shaded forests provide a beautiful backdrop to the lake it wraps around.

McKinney Falls State Park: Full of history and gorgeous scenery, this state park is perfect for spending a day meandering through, or for exploring new terrain while on a run.

Barton Creek Greenbelt: A sprawling, lush set of trails, this park has something for every type of runner. There are also swimming holes, mountain climbing options, and hidden trails for the adventurous.

Lake Austin Blvd./Scenic Drive: This trail runs along the Colorado River and eventually loops through Contemporary Austin, an art-in-nature site with constantly changing exhibitions, as well as a permanent sculpture park.

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