wonder charecter in the spotlight: August. by: Michael Dixon

charecter's tie to the theme

August tied to the theme of growth. August learned that he needs to grow up i know this because in one part of the story August and jack went in the woods to go do their stuff when they got caught by 7th graders and August stood up for himself and thats what i call growing up. I also think August felt all grown up for taking on those 7th graders.

Charecter influences

Number 1/ I think Julian had a big impact on August because in one part in the book Wonder, Julian triped August on the stair way and august ALMOST fell on his face ( Wich looks very GORSS, but i have never seen it.) Number 2/ Augst had a  big impact on two people and those two people are Jack and Charolet and the reason August had a big influence on Jack and Charolet is because August looked lonly  so Jack and Charolet decided to know him beter and further in the book Jack and Charolet became best friends with August and thats how Jack and Charolet made a big influence on August. ( Warning: the bully, Julian, from the book wonder will only make things worse for August.)

TITLE: THE LAST SUPPER and this painting reminds me of August going to the cafateria and having a good time with his friends. It also reminds me of the packed school from wonder and all of the kids talking to one another. It also reminds me of august at his house sitting at the table and i think he was talking to his parents or he was yelling at his parents, i can't rember, but i think he was yelling at his parents.