Michael Yanko

Partner at WY Management

About Michael Yanko

Michael Yanko is an accomplished real estate development professional in New York City. Since 2009, he has served as a partner at WY Management, a boutique development company. Development projects recently undertaken by WY Management include the boutique hotel NYLO Nyack in New York City and a multi-family apartment loft complex in Bronxville, New York. Michael Yanko and his associates specialize in transforming properties with cutting-edge design techniques. For additional information regarding the design services offered by WY Management, visit www.wymgmt.com.

Educated at Baruch College, Michael Yanko completed his bachelor’s degree in finance in 1994. Early in his career, he became a partner at Eilat Development Corp. Active in that position for four years, he gained diverse experience purchasing property and converting warehouses to residential space. Prior to establishing his current career with WY Management, Mr. Yanko served as a partner with Classic Group, a large-scale real estate brokerage company.

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