Michelle Opperman

Historically Authentic Interior and Outdoor Design

About Michelle Opperman

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Michelle Opperman leads the MC3 Design Studio as principal designer. She draws on two decades of experience in providing elegance to new construction projects and remodels in high-end communities such as Woodside and Los Altos. Styles Michelle Opperman frequently integrates range from classic to contemporary and include “Napa Valley farmhouse” and “American Southern” themes. Her design philosophy is embodied in the concept of “barefoot elegance,” which combines luxury details with a comfortable, natural ambiance that allows owners to feel at ease in their surroundings.

Ms. Opperman has a commitment to authenticity and detail in design elements that she developed from extensive travels to visit different homes around the globe. She attended the University of South Africa and earned her BA in English and Psychology cum laude. Ms. Opperman continues to gain insight and inspiration from travels to Asia, Europe, and South America and from frequent visits to high-profile galleries and museums. A number of Michelle Opperman’s interior and landscape creations are featured on the MC3 Design Studio website at www.mc3designstudio.com.

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