Michelle Shahbazi

International Textile Design Student

About Michelle Shahbazi

Currently living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Michelle Shahbazi is originally from Assisi, Italy. In 2003, she came to Pittsburgh to take courses at Carnegie Mellon University and subsequently traveled back to Italy in 2007 to attend an art and design academy in Florence. Before her recent return to America to study textile design, Michelle Shahbazi studied fashion and textiles at Accademia Italiana, also in Florence.

Since coming back to Pittsburgh in 2010, Ms. Shahbazi has been teaching piano and dance. After years of ballet training as a child, she teaches intermediate and beginner classes with students ranging from three to 10 years old. As a piano teacher, she helps students develop rhythmic concepts and notational reading abilities by sharing the basics of musical theory.

In addition to her work as an instructor, Michelle Shahbazi likes to photograph nature, cook, paint, and support various charitable organizations. She actively contributes to the Salvation Army and other philanthropic groups.

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