Midland Funding LLC

Major Purchaser of Unpaid Consumer Accounts

About Midland Funding LLC

A buyer of outstanding debt obligations, Midland Funding, LLC, purchases accounts from banks and other loan providers. . These accounts have remained delinquent for a minimum of 180 days, at which point they were charged off and closed by the original loan provider. Midland Funding, LLC, places client accounts with Midland Credit Management, Inc. (MCM), which oversees coordinated debt collection efforts. MCM maintains a worldwide team of approximately 2,500 employees spanning locations from San Jose, Costa Rica, to St. Cloud, Minnesota.

The success of MCM hinges on its integrity-driven collections approach, which emphasizes respect for individuals in often challenging financial straits. The company’s experienced representatives create a responsive dialogue that enables consumers to realistically repay debt. Payment schedules are tailored to individual cash flow situations and enable multiple personal financial obligations to be met. MCM also maintains trust-based relationships with leading U.S. retailers and financial institutions, and is known for its results in helping consumers meet their unpaid debt obligations.

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