My Holiday

By Karli Michelle Evans

On my holiday , Jodie and Jorja came over to my house and i was in my penguin onesie. We went to Robs for lunch and we weere on my bikes and scooters. on that night i slept over at Jodies dads place and we hanged out watching movies and listening to music plus singing to songs(sitting on top of the world)

I went to bed early for the first time this holidays and it was 12:15 am , then Jorja and Jodie ran into the room and jumped on the bed laughing. In the morning i got up and Jodie was making bacon but it was only haft cooked so i made the bacon all over again.

Jorjas mum Picked us up from Jodies dads place in our onesies and we went to the cinemas and saw monsters universty then epic and it was awesome, then we waled to KFC in our onesies!! We had soo many stares, it was so scary!

When we got back home we watched pitch perfect and did a video on how were gonna do the band(up town girls) and i was on a bouncy ball the whole time, bouncing up and down out of the video it was sooo funny! and then i was trying to eat jodies hair when she wasnt looking then after the video i bursted out laughing and fell on the floor.

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