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Quality and Service Since 1986

About Mikron Digital Imaging

Since 1986, Mikron Digital Imaging has supplied the medical imaging industry with quality equipment and dedicated service at competitive prices. Staying on track with the latest industry and technological developments, Mikron Digital Imaging offers advanced systems for medical uses such as cardiovascular, GI-ERCP, bariatric medicine and radiography.

Available products include imaging systems for use during surgical procedures, CT scanners, x-ray equipment, diagnostic tools, and more. The company stocks reliable products from top brands such as Meridian, Canon, Riverain, Neusoft, and Omega Medical Imaging. Clients can choose the latest suite of products or upgrade existing systems. For example, clients who use early generations of Canon digital radiography equipment can upgrade to the brand’s wireless system, which offers higher resolution and more sensitive imaging that reduces x-ray exposure. In addition, Mikron Digital Imaging offers a new wireless Digital Radiography (DR) concept from Meridian Medical Systems that is radically changing the DR landscape.

The company is based in Livonia, Michigan, and provides comprehensive service, from sales and product support to on-site repairs. For more information about the company or its products, please visit www.mikrondigital.com.

ABLE Act: Individuals with Disability Eligible for Tax-Exempt Account

From its headquarters in Livonia, Michigan, Mikron Digitial Imaging-Midwest provides an assortment of devices and technologies for use by personnel and professionals within the fields of medical imaging and law enforcement. Outside its daily operations, Mikron Digital Imaging supports a number of nonprofit and community organizations, including Autism Speaks, an advocacy foundation for individuals with autism. On December 31, 2015, Autism Speaks announced the signing into law of the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act.

The ABLE Act provides financial support to individuals with long-term disabilities by enabling them to apply for a tax-exempt savings account for disability-related expenses. Furthermore, the ABLE Act addresses some of the limitations of conventional savings accounts. For instance, conventional savings accounts hold a cap of $2,000 and void eligibility for federal means-tested benefits for those who exceed it. ABLE savings accounts are not limited by such a cap and in fact extend the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) cap to $100,000, which will face suspension rather than voidance if exceeded.

Those eligible for an ABLE savings account include adults and children diagnosed with a disability before the age of 26 and meeting the disability standards for the SSI program. Funds within the account can go towards any disability-related expense, including medical appointments or treatments, transportation, education, or housing.

Originally proposed in 2006, the ABLE Act sought to provide individuals with relief from the financial burdens associated with having a disability. For more information about the ABLE Act, visit Autism Speaks’ ABLE Act statement at autismspeaks.org/advocacy/federal/able.