Digital Technology's Impact on the Millennial Generation

by: Janeth 6th period

what is the controversial issue?

Many believe that digital technology has hindered the millennial generation's ability to be as intelligent, creative, or have a good work ethic that the older generations have. On the flip side, many think that digital technology has not negatively impacted he generation, but may have even benefited them.

the history

Digital technology has had a major impact on the lives of millions of people in both good and bad ways. New innovations such as smartphones and computers are continuously being produced, which leave people no other choice but to learn to adapt to them. The older generation is a prime example of this. They were forced to adapt to these new technologies in order to utilize their benefits. The first generation to have been brought up with these digital technologies is the millennial generation. They quickly learned how to navigate these devices due to the fact that they were exposed to them on the daily basis. This generation then started to obsessively use the technology provided to them for hours at a time. They were used so much that navigating a new device came as a second nature to them. Their overuse of the technologies then began to be criticized by older generations. They were called names such as “lazy” and “self-obsessed” simply because they used these devices abundantly throughout the day. However, this did not hinder the millennial generation’s daily routine of using digital technology. Many of the generation still continues to use the technology on a daily basis, which sparks up controversy whether or not they are doing harm rather than good.

My position

I believe that digital technology has not caused harm on the millennial generation. In fact, it has brought many benefits that have helped make this generation better people.

arguments in the "for" side

Some benefits that digital technology has brought include being a source of knowledge for students because now they can search anything that interests them on search engines such as Google and Wikipedia, it allows business people to work more efficiently due to the fact that an idea they might have can reach dozens of people in one click, and it gives people a canvases such as social networks or apps to express their creativity.

arguments in the "against" side

Some hindrances that people claim digital technology has caused include lowering attention spans due to exposure of the fast-paced formatting, a decrease in good work ethic because professionals such as doctors are not making good connections with patients and rely on these technologies for knowledge, and it has caused students to start doing poorly in school because all are paying attention to are these digital technologies.

how will it affect the future of society?

The issues in this topic will affect the future of society because the millennial generation is going to choose how both society and government are run. In a few years they will overtake other generations and will be the ones campaigning to become representatives, even presidents of the country. Digital technology plays a huge part in this because that's how this generation was raised, and the many benefits have helped shape this generation into what they are today. They have become more intelligent, creative, and better workers, which will all help assure a safe and secure future for society as a whole.

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