Mind=Blown! 12 Amazing Optical Ilusiouns

Duh! It has four! Or does it? Maybe it has five? No, Six. Seven? Eight? Whatever many legs it has, this optical illusion is quite amazing.

You may be wondering, "Where's the illusion?" Well, what if I told you that the two squares are the same color. It's true! Go ahead and put your finger over the middle and prove it to yourself.

Look at the dot. Keep looking. The stars changed colors! But wait, keep looking. Where did the stars go? It will always be a mystery.

Keep your friends close... and your enemies closer. Is this illusion, the mouse IS the cat. Trippy, I know.

Keep your eyes on the cross. What the heck is wrong with their faces? Here's a shocker: absolutely nothing. No tricks, no gimmicks, no wiz-biz, nothing. It works every time.

What a beautiful parrot. But is it a parrot? It's actually a woman in very well-designed body paint.

Stare at the dancer for a little while. Which way is she spinning? Clockwise, right? No, counter-clockwise. Wait, did she change did change direction? I'm confused.

Purple stars aren't' the only thing disappearing. There's purple DOTS too. Stare at the cross for at least 10 seconds and watch them vanish. It looks like the green dot sucks them up.

Hey, guess what? You see the green and blue lines? Same color. The reason you see different colors is because of the colors around them.

Concentrate on one of the dots and get blown away.

Both of the orange dots are the same size. The one on the left appears smaller because of the "Ebbinghaus Illusion" Read about it here:

Old or young, that is the question. In this picture, we see a beautiful young woman, and an old one. Still, beautiful at heart, I'm sure.

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WOW!!!!!!!!! coooool really cool (;

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woah but you should put derections at the top and awnsers at bottom before i did it i saw the awnser

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nice i liked the parot one cool😎