Ministry is Tough.  Time is Short.

Great leaders know the importance of keeping up on what's happening in the church and ministry world, but they don't have a lot of time to do it.

Ministry Briefing is the best way to stay on top on all the news and cultural trends that effect your church and ministry.

Ministry Briefing is a concise look at what happened in ministry over the past month: The good, the bad, and the ugly.  We share cultural trends, news events, and great things that are happening in churches all over the world... (all the things that you should know, but don't have time to read up on).  And we'll give you all you need to know about each story in one short paragraph.  If you want go more in-depth, each story has a link to a full-length article.

Todd & Matt read thousands of headlines, so you don't have to!

Todd Rhoades and Matt Steen have been church leaders for years.  We think that when you keep up with what's happening in churches and culture around the world, it will make you a better ministry leader. We love the church... and that love has caused us to write this unique commentary on what is impacting ministry and church-life, hoping that it will help you be better informed and on top of your 'ministry' game.

What stories made the news that will potentially affect you and your church? What trends are happening in culture and ministry that will affect you, your family, and your leadership? And what are some churches doing that are making an impact in their communities? You'll find all the latest things you need to be aware of right here in one place.

Clear. Concise. Interesting. Valuable.

Each month, we'll comb through literally thousands of headlines and stories and choose only those the we think you should know about.  The end result: over 100 clear, concise, interesting, and valuable stories that you can read and absorb in minutes, not hours.  Here are some examples from the current February, 2013 edition of Ministry Briefing:

Mars Hills Opens New Downtown Seattle Location

More than 1600 people attended the first service in Mars Hill Church’s new downtown Seattle location. The church is located in an historic building that was built in 1910 that was once home to the founding families of Seattle. Mars Hill plans to preserve the building and ‘restore its original use’.

Source: The Christian Post

What is the Top ‘Bible-Minded’ City in the US?  Knoxville, TN

The American Bible Society recently commissioned a study to see which cities in the United States were the most “Bible-minded”. Rounding out the top 5: Shreveport, LA; Chattanooga, TN; Birmingham, AL; and Jackson, MS. What was the lowest city in the study? Providence, RI.

Source: Baptist Press

Arizona Pastor Unapologetically Packs Heat When He Preaches

When Reverend Larry Dickey of First Baptist Church of Sunizona, Arizona takes to the pulpit on Sunday mornings he not only packs the Sword of the Spirit, but his trusty firearm as well. Dickey is one of a growing number of pastors who advocates for churches encouraging congregants with concealed carry permits to bring their weapons to Sunday services.

Source: Christian News Wire  

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