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The Career of Project Manager Miro Medvedec

About Miro Medvedec

Miro Medvedec, who holds a master of business administration from Indiana Wesleyan University and a bachelor of science in mechanical engineering from La Salle University in Mexico City, has more than two decades of experience in project management and engineering sales. From 2007 through 2012, Miro Medvedec served as a project manager for DME Company, handling customer support and new product promotion for the firm’s Ohio clientele.

Prior to joining DME Company, Miro Medvedec was a project and process engineer for Advanced Drainage Systems in Hamilton, Ohio. Overseeing capital projects for the firm's Latin American plants, he was involved in areas ranging from conceptual development and budgeting to implementation and purchasing. In this role, he also interacted with teams from a number of different countries.

Previously, Miro Medvedec served as an engineering and maintenance manager for Huhtamaki in New Vienna, Ohio. His duties included supervising United States Food and Drug Administration compliance, training the engineering and maintenance teams at a food container plant, and introducing new computer systems that increased efficiency.

How to Increase Sales Volume at Your Business

A diversely experienced project management and engineering specialist, Miro Medvedec most recently spent five years working for the DME Company in Madison Heights, Michigan. In this capacity, Miro Medvedec maintained relationships with customers across Ohio and managed projects with the goal of improving the company’s product sales volume.

Companies need capital to thrive, but many business owners find it difficult to promote their brand and sell their products. Whether you are starting a new business or looking to boost revenue, there are a number of techniques that you can use to increase your firm’s sales volume. Here are a few ways in which you can achieve this goal at your business:

Employ rewards programs
Customers love getting good deals and free rewards. By initiating a rewards program, you will not only give your customers a reason to come back and do business with your firm, but you will also attract new consumers to your products.

Ramp up marketing
You won’t reach your customers if you do not employ a solid marketing strategy. After conducting studies to learn what best elicits a consumer’s reaction, you can employ any number of strategies, including social media marketing, print advertising, or television commercials.

Maintain professional relationships
When looking to build business partnerships, you should always coordinate with those who work within your sector but do not directly compete with your company. Using industry-related business partnerships will help you market to the right crowd and boost sales volume.

Why and How to Engage Existing Customers to Increase Sales

A business professional, Miro Medvedec honed his project management and sales skills through the DME Company. Miro Medvedec dedicated five years to the organization and played a valuable role in boosting sales volume.

Having a plan of action to promote to existing customers is crucial for increasing sales. In addition to making your brand consistently present in their minds, a sales strategy targeting current buyers lessens the likelihood that loyal patrons will feel alienated as you attempt to attract new business.

A simple way to stay engaged with existing customers is to create a newsletter with compelling content. Generate interest by going above and beyond sharing information regarding company successes and provide details about industry innovations and other topics that highlight your niche market. You can also use a newsletter to feature interesting products in your inventory. Both approaches encourage customers to probe your site for more information and can improve their interest in buying a product.

Useful Tips for Learning Spanish

A graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University, where he earned his MBA, Miro Medvedec is an accomplished project manager who has enjoyed a diverse career. Among numerous other skills, Miro Medvedec is multilingual and speaks English, Croatian, and Spanish. Here are some tips for those who wish to learn Spanish.

1. Use labels. Place labels on common household items to remind you of their Spanish equivalents. Only remove the labels once you attain mastery of their meanings.

2. Find conversation partners. The fastest way to improve your Spanish-speaking skills is to converse with native speakers. Find new conversational partners through websites that connect language learners so they can practice together.

3. Learn the stress rules. Stress rules dictate where you place the accent on words. Words that end in “n,” “s,” or a vowel have the accent placed on the second-to-last syllable of the word. All other words should see the accent placed on the word’s last syllable. The exception to these rules is when an accent mark is above a particular letter. The mark indicates where you should apply the accent.

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