MISD Campus Libraries 2014-2015

Scroll below to check out pictures of our district libraries.

Morris Middle School library employing bookstore-style displays

Brown Middle School and Morris have the same floor plan. Brown still has carpet while Morris went to tile a few years ago.

Lincoln Middle School is one of our oldest secondary libraries, but the librarian has managed to take an unusually shaped room and divide it by purpose.

Lamar Academy library serves both the Options High School and the students participating in the Diploma IB programme. The Lamar Academy Library looks like converted classrooms.  The main building was built in 1939; the Library section in 1984.  We operate under restrictive physical space considerations.  Also, the room design predates any use of computer technology in the school itself and as such its design is much less than optimum.

Perez Elementary is one of our newest elementary libraries (built in 2007) and has a polygon shape.

Jackson Elementary has one of the oldest, and tiniest, libraries in the district (@1960).

Hendricks Elementary library is also in one of the newest primary campuses (2008) and has the same floor plan as Thigpen-Zavala Elementary.

Fields Elementary was torn down and rebuilt, featuring one of the newest libraries (@2007).

Travis Middle School is the oldest middle-school campus, built in 1957.

Navarro Elementary, one of the oldest primary campuses, still has wood-paneled walls (1950). A portion of its buildings were renovated a few years ago, but not the library.

Rayburn Elementary was built in 1978. Notice the older tables and chairs.

Cathey Middle School library is circular and the campus was built in 2000.

Memorial High School was built in the late 1970s, originally as a junior high. Gradually, buildings have been added or renovated to accommodate the students of a regular high school.

Seguin Elementary was built in 1973.

Roosevelt Elementary was built in 1980. It has had two classrooms added to the room itself.