Miss Burr's Personal Values

I want you all to create your own personal Tackk, so that I can see everything that YOU value! Think back to our class activities, and what you may have discovered is important to you. Clearly label at least 5 personal core values, and how they impact the decisions you've made.

I value my health, and hope to live a long and happy life!

I value my health, and that impacts many of my daily decisions. I pay attention to my diet, never smoke, and I make sure to work out regularly to maintain my fitness level and weight.

I value the friendships that I have developed throughout my life!

I value my friendships because they've helped me learn who I really am. Friends are like family you get to choose, and they have shaped the person I've become.

I very much value my family. They made me who I am!

I value my family because they're always there for me no matter what!

My Nana passed away recently, at 102 years old. I hope to live a long and happy life, just like her!

I value education, and am proud of my accomplishments!

I value education because nobody can ever take away what you know. I graduated high school in 2005, college in 2008, and got my Master's degree in 2011!

I value hard work. Anything worth having is worth earning...

I value hard work because there is nothing more satisfying than getting something important done! Hard work boosts your self worth and sense of accomplishments. Why be a camper when you can be a climber?

...but I also value fun. Make sure you have some!

I'm excited to see what you can come up with! Go for it!