Week of: 11/17/14

Miss Collins Classroom News
Room 206

Important Dates:

Late Start Monday @ 9:05
-Nov. 17, 24
-Dec. 1, 8, 15
  • 11/25: Half day (11:30 dismissal)
  • 11/26-11/28: Thanksgiving Break
  • 12/9: Holiday Vocal Concert @ Parcells
  • 12/18: Classroom Holiday Party (2:00pm)
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Monday: library
Tuesday: music
Wednesday: gym
Thursday: art
Friday: library

Weekly Words

- sight words: so, do, not, no, did
- word family: -ail

*Spelling test on sight words every Friday morning*

Reader's Workshop

Students have focused on reading with fluency. To achieve this, we have practiced identifying different punctuation marks found at the end of sentences and the way in which our voice changes based on each type we see.

Writing Workshop

Students have spent this week hearing from some fun holiday/seasonal books.  One of the books we read, A Turkey for Thanksgiving, had students practicing comprehension strategies.  The turkey character was invited to dinner as a guest, but he thought he was going to become dinner.  To avoid being eaten, he came up with many excuses to get out of dinner.  Students then wrote their own turkey excuses in a story.  

Social Studies

This week we celebrated Veteran's Day through various activities and discussions.  Students made connections to veteran's they knew as family members or friends and understood the different responsibilities they had.  We also discussed the different symbols that represent America.  We continue to practice the Star Spangled Banner as a class each morning as well.  


We continue to graph the weather each day in our weather journals.  We also spent time identifying cumulus, stratus and cirrus clouds and the different qualities they have.  Students also wrote down facts about the sun.  We learned a lot of facts from this fun sun video!

Collins Comments:

Thank you all for attending conferences!  Your time and partnership is greatly appreciated!