Diana Khrustaliova. Superstitions  

If the age of the someone can be divided by 3, that he or she can start the new deed; if the age can be divided by 7, than the person can change his or her life significantly.

To find the horseshoe brings you good luck.

If the black cat crossed your way - don't wait for the good luck, but if the cat's fur contains 3 colors, you're the lucky one.

To give someone a purse or wallet without money in it will bring that person bad luck.

After receiving a container of food, the container should never be returned empty.

If the first person you meet in the morning is a man - you will have the good luck.

Seeing a person with the empty bucket means the fail.

Due to the fact that I try to see the things in their rational way I don't know if I believe or not in superstitions, although the beliefs are really interesting.

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