Mister E Tarot!

Master Tarot Reader in Denver, Colorado

If you want a flashy fun tarot reading experience that touches your soul and lets your subconscious shine, you've found the right guy!

About me.  Master Tarot reader of 10+ years.  Founder of Denver Tarot Meetup in 2006.  Denver's largest Tarot Community group.  I believe in Tarot as a wonderful tool for the exploration of the subconscious.  I provide a premium reading experience for any seeker, over the phone, or in person.  I make costumed appearances for $100 an hour or more, or for corporate events.

Here is Mister E appearing at Denver Tarot Meetup late this year with DTM organizer Joy Vernon for our Holiday Party!  If you live in Denver and you'd like to learn tarot, share your knowledge about Tarot, or meet lots of cool Tarot friends in person, please visit our site and sign up!

This is wonderful.  I couldn't agree more.  Your intuition and your subconscious speak up in Tarot.

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