A Rhetorical Analysis Essay Project
of 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

By Melissa Mitchell
English 12 with Mr. Smith at CNHS

Mountain Dew: Come Alive
2015 Super Bowl Commercial

Mr. Smith's English 12 Essay Project

Rhetorical Analysis Essay
By Melissa Mitchell

Mountain Dew: Come Alive

The advertisement chosen for this assignment is Mountain Dew’s campaign for their new drink, the Kickstarter. The commercial begins with three adolescents in a dimly lit basement spending a low energy night together. Once the can of Kickstarter is opened, music starts playing and the room comes to life. The dog, the lamp, and even the chair takes a lively persona that would leave anyone wanting to join the party. After finishing the drink, the room goes back to its boring and quiet self while the boys depart to keep the fun alive to their next destination for the night. This dynamic commercial brings the product to life by using emotional appeal to make the audience wanting to be included in the exciting dance party.

The first thing I thought about when I watched this commercial was my brother. He and his friends are always up in his room with the lights dimmed playing video games until they fall asleep. It looks appears to be a boring setting and not something I would want to be a part of. The Kickstarter commercial makes me believe that if I got them all the drink, they would have a lot more fun playing their games and have a whole new experience.

The producers used the stereotypical basement scene indicating that these guys are not cool, they have no other friends, and they have nothing better to do with their lives. Ethos was used to show that Kickstarter can make any situation fun and exciting, even the most boring times. Being able to make the room that was once that boring and dead in to a party scene in seconds is an experience that everyone would want to happen to them is an act of impressive magic.

Although ethos and logos play a strong role in the wrapping of this commercial, pathos is the main appeal in this ad. In the slow beginning of the advertisement, a boring tone is used and mood set a not inviting to any spectra of audience. As soon as the can of Kickstarter is opened, the night automatically transforms into an evening full of fun and excitement. The loud music and dancing is sure to spark a feeling of excitement and inclusion in any viewer. The dance was able to bring the room and whole vibe of the setting more energetic, young, and a more happy place to be. This ad does a great job of drawing in the attention and crave to have a more exciting life with the kickstarter.

Mountain Dew’s strategically advertised commercial for Kickstarter is extremely successful due to it’s effectiveness targeting a broad audience by using ethos, logos, and pathos. The commercial proves with the room that completely came to life,  that the drink doesn’t just work for guys in a basement playing video games; you can add Kickstarter to any situation to make more enjoyable. If the Kickstarter was able to make a couch, dog, poster, fish, and even a fat guy dance, then you better believe that it can give you a ton of energy. Bringing Kickstarter into your daily life will bring you excitement and thrill every day.

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