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Lets Talk about Asexuality

Mitosis is the process of cell replication without needing to have sex. Once a cell has completed the G1, S, and G2 phases, it needs to split so that it has a sufficient surface area to Volume Ratio.

This mainly happens in simpler organisms for reproduction. However, to grow larger and replace old and dead cells, your body uses mitosis to make new, identical cells.

The advantage of this, is that it is fast. The disadvantage, is that there is no genetic diversity, and therefore no room for improvement.

How Does The Magic Happen?

The Process of Mitosis

Yep, easy as that.

Types of Mitosis

There are many different types of Mitosis.

Fission-The cell splits into two daughter cells.

Budding-Offspring grows out of the body of the parent.

Fragmentation- Body of parent breaks into pieces.

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