Mizu Radiators

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About Mizu Radiators

Mizu Radiators combine and conflate multiple benefits and innovations in radiator technology. For starters, they are hand-welded and hand-made from the highest grade aluminum. The benefits of aluminum in designing dense and efficient radiator cores are already well-known. Mizu Radiators multiply those benefits by using three or two cooling rows, instead of one. The addition of rows increases the radiator's core thickness and fin density, thereby maximizing its cooling efficiency.

The people behind these radiators also understand the importance of radiator caps in a vehicle's cooling system. Highly pressured environments can cause fluids to leak out into the surrounding overflow reservoirs. The radiator cap is equipped with a high pressure 1.3 bar. The high pressure ensures that the radiators avoid fluid leakage and keeps it flowing within the correct ecosystem.

Mizu Radiators also offer direct OEM fitment. This offer comes with twin benefits. First, they can be directly fitted into your engine, thus eliminating the need to cut and modify to suite engine specifications. Second, OEMization offers warranty, fluid safety, and liability protection benefits as opposed to generic parts, which generally come with their own warranty. Thus, Mizu Radiators' offer preserves equipment warranty.
While these radiators offer excellent cooling efficiency, they can also be used in tandem with other products from the Mizu cooling solutions for increased heat efficiency. For example, silicone hose kits from the same company have three layers of high grade silicone and embedded fibers that work with the radiators to increase your vehicle's cooling efficiency.

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