scotcats newspaper

at silverado middle school were selling cookies for our school and if we sell 3 cookie doughs or magazines a chiken is sent to a needy family

poor family with a chiken would help a lot it would give them food and if they had extra eggs they could sell thems for money and buy other stuff like that

if all the kids at silverado sell at least three things  a family in need will get a baby chicken

.77 degress
.79 degress
.81 degress
.76 degress
.74 degress
.79 degress
.82 degress

magic bannanas

there is magic bananas

most expinsive car in the world

the most expesive car in the world is the diamond encrusted lamborghini aventador


i think school lunches should have real food because the food we eat tastes like poooooooooooooooooo! i dont like poo the school lunches shoud be like puncakes for breakfast and tacos for lunch.

legless lizareds

there are leggless lizareds in california

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