The Help

By: Paige Drumheller

Courage isn't just about being brave. It's about overcoming fear.

-The Help

Each picture, video, or quote represents something in that happened in the book or what some people in the book are striving to accomplish. I chose the video of martin Luther king Jr. "i had a dream speech" because that is what skeeter and the help were trying to accomplish, they wanted both blacks and whites to sit anywhere on a bus, share their own bathrooms, and to be treated equal, it turns out the year 1962 was the year the book took place and his speech was in 1963. the second picture of 2 girls with slashes that say "abolish slavery" was chosen because even though slavery was abolished the characters in the book wanted to take it farther and have colored people to be equal to their white people. The quote was chosen from the book to show what courage it took skeeter and the help to take their stories and put it into a novel for everyone to read. The second picture was placed there in relation to the chapter in the book where a women miss leefolt built a bathroom outside her home so her black maid didn't have to use the bathroom in her house. The third picture indicates a part in the book where a character Aibileen gets off the bus at night because she is no longer aloud to be on there at that time because she is black and now she has to walk home at night in a bad neighborhood because she is colored and the bus has to get the whites home. The fourth picture is a colored maid in the early 1960s , which was the time in the book and in the book ,the help practically raises the whites children and are with them more than there own parents, aibileen was on her 17th child. The fifth picture is a part in the book where skeeter needs more stories from the maids to write her book, so aibileen and minny ask their friends to provide her with their stories on how they are mistreated by their employers. The last picture of the pie represents what one maid did to her employer in payback, she made her a pie and pooped in it and let her eat 2 pieces of it before she told her. All the pictures and videos represent the book and what the novel was trying to convey or what i thought it conveyed about the difficulties of colored people in the 1960s.

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