recommendation raul meneses

To whom it may concern:

I strongly recommend my colleague, Samantha Hernandez, for employment at Bahama Bucks. I have had a great time being and working along time  with Samantha Hernandez, I have known Samantha for about two years now, and she is an amazing person. When me and Samantha are in groups with other people she is very prepared, dedicated, and very hard worker. I know this because I've seen her play soccer and she a great communicator and a leader on the field. Does hard on everything she does. She is constantly willing to try new things in school jobs and other activities. I highly recommend for you to consider Samantha Hernandez, as an employe. She would work great as someone that can talk and do things for a customer, she would get along with all surroundings. So thank you for reading this letter if you have any question please contact me at



Raul Meneses