Decomposers are organisms that break down dead or decaying organisms, and in doing so, carry out the natural process of decomposition.

Like herbivores and predators, decomposers are heterotrophic, meaning that they use organic substrates to get their energy, carbon and nutrients for growth and development.

Other than that there are many kind of decomposers like some of them are also found in Micro-organisms.Like Bacteria and Fungi.

Bacteria:Bacteria are important decomposers; they are widely distributed and can break down just about any type of organic matter. A gram of soil typically contains 40 million bacterial cells, and the bacteria on Earth form a biomass that exceeds that of all living plants and animals. Bacteria are vital in the recycling of nutrients, and many steps in nutrient cycles depend on these organisms.

Fungi:The primary decomposers of litter in many ecosystems are fungi.Fungi can use their hyphae to penetrate larger pieces of organic matter.Additionally, only wood-decay fungi have not evolved the enzymes necessary to decompose lignin, a chemically complex substance found in wood.


By: Sara Aman


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