Robert Griffin III
By Blake T

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  When Robert was in college he played for Baylor, He was one of the best players in college. He got hurt one year and was out for a season, tore his A.C.L. That changed his life forever in a good way. The next season he killed every team. He said it change me by just coming out stronger next time. He is just awesome he is tuff, fast and young. He can run better than anybody QB that I know

Fun fact: When Robert was younger he took track.


  He loved football he was really good at running and throwing the ball. He was a good sportsmanship. When he lost a game he came back stronger the next game. Robert had fun in school but he kept his grades up so he can play football.


Before college was over he won an award of player of the year. Robert

griffin got picked 2 ND in the 2012 draft and Andrew Luck got picked 1 .Robert got drafted to the redskins he is going to change the team. Fun fact did you know that Robert Griffin was going to be on the Browns.

  Robert Griffin got a nickname RG3. Robert Griffin Was starting on offence once he came. RG3 made the Redskins awesome.  At the begin of the season they were average, they were 3-2. The redskins haven’t been that good in a long time.RG3 haves speed stretch passing you can’t get a QB that like that. He will kill you if you let him.


  Robert Griffin was doing good before he got hurt and sat out he got a concession and sat out the rest of the game then the next game he was in and was doing good then later he got hit and had trouble getting up he needs to be more careful or he won’t be playing that long.


  Robert Griffin stats are pretty good for a rookie and they are going to get better as he go’s PASSING Games played 7 CMP 133 ATT 189 CMP 70.4 YDS 1601 AVG 8.47 FUM 2 QBR 71.8 RAT 101.8 RUSHING GP 7 ATT 64 yds, 468 AVG 7.3 LNG 76 TD 6 FD 25 fUM 1st 2 scored all to gather 36 points.



  Robert Griffin life in collage was good in tells he got hurt and was out for the season. He when to college for 4 years he whet in when he was 18 and came out at 21. He is not scared of any body, all of the QBs slid but not him he will take a hit for his team to win he protects his house. He made us all proud but he these people more proud his mom and dad and his college coach. Robert Griffin is still a rookie so he is still going to make history.