Flight Technology
Jordan Salmon-Scarborough

Session 1

Today in session 1 we learned about the basic aerodynamics.We also experimented with software that stimulates airflow. So we could learn the basics about the software.

Session 2

Today we exaimed  the factors that change the lift. Then we were allowed to start the wing construction. By cutting each wing out of chipboard.

Session 3

Today was really simple we just completed the construction of our wing.How we did that was by gluing each wing onto the piece of paper. Then we had to use tape to seal the  

Session 4

Today was a little harder. What we had to do was test the amount of lift produced by wing flowing over our wing. It took us a lot longer than we thought.

Session 5

Today was really fun! We got to fly a Cessna using flight simulation software and we got to explore the basic controls on a Cessna. Which was fun but also look a long time.

Session 6

The first thing we did was we preformed some basic flight maneuvers using the Flight Simulation software. So we ended up flying the plane the rest of class. Which was fun!  

Session 7

Today we used a navigation plotter to determine the direction and distance of a flight being planed. We also used the Flight Simulator software to test the accuracy of one of your calculations.  

Careers In The Field  

A career that has to do with flight technology is a pilot. When we are in a air plane the pilot has to know how to take off. He also has to know how to land. The pilot has to know what to do if there is a emergency. He has to know what to do in every situation.